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YCP Records

YCP Records is the record label for the York Music Group. While the label has its roster of artists, YCP Records goes above and beyond the standard record label. It functions as a one stop shop for artists, signed to the label or not. YCP Records is the perfect place for the artist looking for anything from professional graphics work, to referrals for YCP Studies, to even booking on of our classroom sessions. 

YCP Records goal as a student-run label is not only to teach students every facet of what it takes to operate a record label and help these students gain valuable experience not easily achievable after schooling but also to become a respected leader in the evolving music industry.

Blind / Bird performing his song "Scene 3: Hospital Stress (Undelivered Flowers)" for a YCP Records Classroom Session. Download a transcript of this video.
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York Music Group
Shawn Young, Ph.D.
Wolf Hall, Room 206D
Phone: 717.815.2083

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