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A professor speaks to a group of students sitting in the film viewing room with black and white film on the screen over his shoulder.

Julie Amberg, Ph.D.


  • B.A., Boston University (1977)
  • M.A., University of Michigan (1981)
  • Ph.D., Tulane University (1995)


  • First-Year Writing
  • American Literature
  • Women in Literature
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Senior Seminar in Literature

Research Interests

  • Women's Writing
  • Language and Culture
  • Linguistics and Education

Recent Publications

  • Vause, Deborah J. and Julie S. Amberg. Making Language Matter: Teaching Resources for Meeting the Common Core State Standards at the High School Level. New York: Routledge/Taylor and Francis, 2013.
  • Amberg, Julie S., and Deborah J. Vause. American English: history, structure, and usage. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2009.
  • Amberg, Julie S. and Deborah J. Vause. "Teaching Variation: Using IM in the Introductory Linguistics Classroom." American Speech, Summer 83(2) (2008): 230-237.
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