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Sisters’ core values lead both to major in Hospitality Management at York College

May 25, 2017
Mitnick sisters’ core values lead both to major in  Hospitality Management at York College
Rachel and Emily Mitnick

Emily and Rachel Mitnick have more in common beyond attending York College of Pennsylvania – they share a similar core value. 

“I prefer spending disposable income on experiences rather than material things,” Emily says. “I believe experiences stay with you forever.” 

Experiences can help shape the person you become,” Rachel says.” I believe the more you experience, the more you become your true self.” 

Those experiential preferences drove each of them to enroll in York College and, ultimately, major in something that allows them to share that embodiment of experiences with others: Hospitality Management. 

Major choices 

Though Emily, two years older than Rachel, chose York College after two years at another Pennsylvania university, Rachel had York College in her cross-hairs from the start.   

“I had originally seen the school before Emily,” she says. “I remember always liking the look of the campus, had heard a lot of positive comments about the school, and liked the education program.” 

They both independently chose Education as their major, but after a year or two for each in the program, they each decided that career direction wasn’t for them.   

“Rachel and I come from a family that enjoys traveling and eating out at different places. We spend money on experiences,” Emily says. “That’s what we grew up with, and that’s what I’ve always enjoyed, whether at a hotel, a restaurant, or a resort.” 

So, sticking to their core values, they both switched majors to Hospitality Management. 

Preferences drive decisions 

The program’s professors drew Emily in from the start.  

“They seem to really know a lot about the industry and have a lot of experience to share,” she says. 

Further, she really liked the small class size at York College.  

“I didn’t want to go to a big school and be one of 200 students in a lecture hall where the professors don’t know your name,” she says. “I wanted that personal connection with my professors, which is what I get at York College.” 

Although Rachel considered other majors before switching to Hospitality, it was her sister’s description of the program – the many experiences and opportunities that exist for someone with this major – that swayed Rachel to make the choice.   

Taking advance of opportunity 

Beyond the depth of the professors’ industry knowledge, Emily praises the professional connections the college has, which, in turn, helped her land a notable internship within the field.  

“I feel like I can do anything after graduation. My professors helped me get my most recent internship at the Hotel Hershey,” she says. “Without York College, I wouldn’t have learned about the internship, let alone interviewing for it and landing my No. 1 choice.” 

Complete compatibility 

While sharing the same major and college with your sister might seem like it’d spark a little bit of sibling rivalry, Emily says that’s not the case. 

“When it comes to academics, Rachel and I do not really bicker because we both have the common goal of doing the best we can in school,” she says. “Instead of being competitive, Rachel and I are each other’s cheerleaders.” 

Rachel agrees. 

“Being in the same major as Emily has been very different, but fun, from past school years,” she says. “Because Emily is two years older than me, we never experienced having classes together before this past year. I had always known that Emily has a great work ethic, so being able to work with her was a lot of fun.” 


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