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Spring on the York College campus

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Hospitality Management students showcase leadership skills in internships, campus clubs and work experience

March 13, 2017
York College Hospitality Management students Jimmy Di Guglielmo, Mari Taggart and Alexander Iula showcase leadership skills
From left, Hospitality Management majors Jimmy Di Guglielmo, Mari Taggart and Alexander Iula.

If York College of Pennsylvania offered a time management major, 21-year-old Jimmy Di Guglielmo might just be leading the department.

It doesn’t. But for now, Jimmy’s earning a degree in Hospitality Management while cramming his schedule with these resume-boosting leadership roles: York College Senior Class President, Ski and Outdoors Club secretary, and Kappa Delta Rho scholarship chair.

It’s a good thing he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t mind being busy.

“Needless to say, I like to be involved,” Jimmy says.

That affirmative attitude paired with his ambitious agenda is setting him up for success after graduation.

“Being a leader is important to help other students develop their leadership skills, improve upon time management, learn how to delegate and trust in others that they can get the job done,” he says. “By being a leader myself, I’m preparing myself to lead and manage others when I enter the Hospitality Management field.”

Jimmy’s just one of many York College Hospitality Management students taking the initiative to be leaders long before graduation. Here’s a look at what others are doing.

Mari Taggart, 21, Hospitality Management junior

Mari knows that “in today’s society, the competition never sleeps.”

As a student leader, Mari takes on greater responsibility that has taught her how to delegate and be confident in herself to make decisions that impact others.

She’s accepted leadership roles as a Junior Class Senator on the York College Student Senate, as well as a member of the Order of Omega Society (Greek Honors Society), a sister and past treasurer of Phi Mu and an Orientation Coordinator.

“Leadership is preparing me to be a manager in the hospitality field,” Mari says. “I would love to one day own and operate my own bar. Having leadership qualities guides me to learn persistence and the skills I’ll need to follow through with my ideas.”

Alexander Iula, 21, Hospitality Management senior

To Alexander, being a leader means taking the initiative to guide a group toward a unified goal.

He serves as Vice President on the Campus Activities Board, was previously an Orientation Coordinator and is a PRSSA Bateman Competition Team Member.

“Being a leader constantly pushes me to be better and to learn to solve a problem,” he says.

Alexander’s leadership roles have prepared him for a career in Hospitality Management through learning to work in an environment where it’s OK to fail so he can learn from his mistakes. It’s helped him become a more well-rounded person who is ready for a management or leadership role after graduation.

“As the YCP motto says, ‘To serve is to live,’ by leading and serving others you can live a fulfilling life that makes a difference,” he says.

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