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Recreation and Leisure Administration major sees a chance to turn his passion into a career

Morgan Schreiber

Morgan Schreiber grew up as a Boy Scout and a swimmer. Always the outdoorsman, he didn’t anticipate the chance to make his passion into a career.

Now a senior in York College of Pennsylvania’s Recreation and Leisure Administration major, he believes he’ll have that opportunity as he approaches graduation.

Here, Morgan describes in his own words his journey toward a career in recreation.

On his beginnings as an undeclared student

I came in as an undeclared student, and the Academic Advising Center was phenomenal. They helped me find Recreation — I had no idea it was even a major.

I took a bunch of intro courses, like Intro to Sociology and Intro to Business before I decided on Recreation. Without YCP and my advisor – who listened to what I had to say about myself and guided me toward recreation – this path would not have been possible.

On continuing his path toward Recreation

I came in undeclared for roughly a year and a half and declared for the Recreation major in November of my sophomore year. I chose Recreation after I took a Leadership and Group Dynamics class. I had fantastic professors who really cared about the major and about me as an individual, and I decided it was something I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life.

Because of my background in swimming and working at a pool and as a Boy Scout, I figured it was a good fit. I knew what to expect, I knew what they wanted, and it has been fun learning about recreation.

On the YCP recreation professors’ impact

I had four major recreation professors through my career.

Julie Saville is very influential here in the Recreation major. She is very passionate about the job here — not only for teaching, but she also has the passion to get to know each student as a person. 

Jeff Witman, who I had for my Leadership and Group Dynamics class, had a phenomenal energy about him. It was amazing to learn from a guy who not only had so much wisdom about the major but also was not afraid to admit his mistakes and tell us how he learned from them.

JoAnn Garman, who I had for two night classes, was very into aquatics. As a swimmer since I was 6 years old, we related very well. She was able to gear the class toward each student.

Brian Malcarne has a lot of knowledge of the outdoors. He is also a scoutmaster of a Boy Scout troop, who we worked with in an Introduction to Outdoor Leadership class to get some programming experience. Brian is there to guide you, but he is really easygoing and lets you do your own thing, only stepping in if you are going to mess up. 

On his highlight of the program

My internship last summer as a recreation intern at New Hanover Township was huge. My main job there was maintaining the pool, keeping it clean and safe and the management side of staffing the pool. I also helped with a food truck festival, which brought in roughly 3,000 people to Hickory Park, the township’s main park.

I learn best with hands-on experience, so being out in the field I started to understand maintenance and all of the programming that goes on. It just clicked that this was right for me. I enjoyed being able to help people and be part of something that is bigger than one person.

On his next step

I’ve applied for a lot of jobs, mostly in recreation director or assistant director positions. I’ve also moved toward my athletic coaching minor, applying for a few coaching positions in swimming. My dream job is to coach collegiate swimming, maybe even at the Division I level.