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Internship at Camden Yards is a hit for Recreation & Leisure major

Kelly Cavey
Kelly Cavey credits York College for her landing an internship with the Maryland Stadium Authority.

One of the best parts of Kelly Cavey’s workday is her walk around Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Like the batters who ply their trade in Baltimore’s baseball stadium, her trained eye sees things average fans miss.

Cavey, a lifelong Orioles fan who graduated from Hereford High School in Maryland, is spending the summer before her senior year at York College of Pennsylvania as an intern with the Maryland Stadium Authority.

The Recreation and Leisure Administration major now knows how to spot problems before they arise at the venerated stadium. During her daily walk around the park, she looks for things that might be amiss so they can be fixed before they affect fan experiences.

“I’ve learned so much in my last four weeks,” she says.

Getting to the big leagues

Kelly has always been a sports fan – her love of sports was even one of the reasons she ended up at York College – but her path to this internship wasn’t a direct one.

She ended up following her sister’s footsteps in choosing York. She knew her sister had a great experience at the school, and Kelly wanted to play volleyball collegiately. The match was a perfect fit for her. Picking a major, however, was a bit trickier.

Kelly began her collegiate career gunning for a degree in History, but she didn’t know what she would do with her career after getting the degree.

It wasn’t until she discovered the Recreation and Leisure Administration program during her sophomore year that she knew what she wanted to do. She quickly switched majors and hasn’t looked back.

“They were great,” she says of the professors and staff in the department. “Julie Saville, my advisor, helped me with anything I needed.”

Her classes have taught her to think critically as she prepares for and works on a project. Now, she knows what problems can arise if she’s planning a camp. She understands what safety protocols should be put in place and what paperwork should be completed.

“My classes have put that in my head so that when I’m here at my internship, I’m already thinking about that,” Kelly says.

Take her out to the ball field

Kelly has several responsibilities with the Authority, which is a public organization that oversaw the development of several stadiums, convention centers, and other facilities in the state and also maintains them. 

Kelly helps the Authority with its progress in earning Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications. It’s a green initiative that rates buildings and neighborhoods for things like energy consumption.  

As part of the project, Kelly might check things like electric meters at Camden Yards to see how much energy parts of the park are using. 

Growing up, Kelly wouldn’t have imagined working for the stadium where she watched her favorite player, Miguel Tejada, roam. But every day she gets to go to work in the iconic warehouse that towers over right field.  

“I had no idea what I wanted to do going into school,” she says. 

Now, she helps make sure her current favorite players, like Jonathan Schoop, get to play in a home stadium that shines every night. She hopes she can return to the Authority for another internship before she graduates.  

 Kelly says one of the best parts of York College’s program is that it requires internships.

“It’s awesome. It gets you out in the field,” she says. “I love having them pushing me. It’s a great requirement, and I thank them for pushing me to find the internship.”