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Alternate Teacher Education Program

An Alternate Teacher Education Program, or Directed Professional Experience, is available to students enrolled in any Education major who either do not wish to student teach or are ineligible for student teaching.  Students who do not student teach, but complete an alternate program instead, are not eligible to apply for any state teaching certification. 

A student may still earn a baccalaureate degree without certification if all other course and credit requirements are met.  These individuals may have developed an interest in the broader concept of “education,” as it refers to related careers and interests.

Students opting for this program must consult with their advisor and officially apply approximately one year prior to entering their Professional Semester.

Program Details

  • How It Works

    How It Works

    Reflective of this option, students elect to schedule Directed Professional Experience for a minimum of two, or maximum of four credits rather than student teaching.  This experience is tailored to meet the personal goals of the individuals.  Students take much of the responsibility when choosing this path and are responsible for securing their own agency placement.  Additionally, the experience may include coursework that correlates to the student’s particular needs and interests.  Those electing, or being recommended for, this option may seek career paths that include work experiences dealing with people and education in a variety of settings other than the traditional classroom.

  • Career Path Examples

    Career Path Examples

    Examples of career paths served by this non-certification degree are:

    • Positions involving training and development in a variety of businesses and corporations
    • Educational specialists or other positions within social service agencies, community agencies, or other governmental agencies
    • Careers in public relations
    • Employment in youth organizations or youth programs
  • Directed Professional Experiences Forms
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