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YCCOSP opens doors of opportunity for double major student

Taslim sitting on bench on campus

Taslim Hossain ’23 first learned about York College of Pennsylvania when he was in third grade. It was that introduction so early in his life that made him realize the possibilities that existed in his hometown. “I may have never known about York College and what it offered if it wasn’t presented to me in school,” he says.

Hossain was a student in the York City School District when he learned about the York College Community Opportunity Scholarship Program, better known as YCCOSP. Through the program, students in the school district are introduced to the opportunities that a York College education can offer. Guided by YCCOSP Administrators, York College faculty and staff, accepted William Penn Senior High School students are provided a tuition-free education with room and board.

For students like Hossain, the scholarship offers more than a college degree—it’s the chance to pursue challenges he never thought possible.

Dual enrollment

In ninth grade, Hossain became a YCCOSP student and was introduced to the unique programs and state-of-the-art facilities that York College had to offer. He also saw an opportunity to create real, meaningful change not only in his own life, but in his community.

“I was really interested in going to college,” Hossain says. “I wanted to push myself to take advantage of the programs that were offered to me, to work hard to be an opportunist, and that’s something this program taught me.”

Hossain decided in 11th grade that he would dual enroll at William Penn Senior High School and York College. Doing so led him to graduate high school with 46 college credits, putting him halfway through his sophomore year as an incoming first-year student.

But, Hossain says, he wasn’t looking to just ride through the rest of his college experience. “I didn’t want to waste an opportunity,” he says. So, he chose to double major in Civil Engineering and Chemistry. Now a year into his college education, he has 93 credits, as much as students in their senior year would typically have.

“This wouldn’t be possible without YCCOSP,” he says. “That program gave me the opportunity to be the best version of myself that I can be. It taught me to go for things I never thought I could.”

Choosing York College

Hossain had several choices when it came to selecting where he would go to college. With his high school grades and SAT scores, he had numerous opportunities he could explore. None of them felt as right for him as York College, he says.

“A lot of us from the City don’t have strong support systems,” Hossain says. “Being a city kid with no support system makes college even harder. YCCOSP changed that. The program fulfilled that role by having different individuals who we now consider family. That was important to me because we can help each other.”

While he hasn’t yet chosen a specific career path, his interest in environmental engineering combines skill sets from both of his majors. Studying two vigorous programs wouldn’t be possible without the jumpstart Hossain had early on in his education.

“YCCOSP is a scholarship program, but it’s also an opportunity program,” he says. “It has opened a lot of doors for me. I know I wouldn’t be here without it.”