Spring on the York College campus

Stephen Kuchnicki, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Rutgers University, 2001
  • M.S., Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University, 1997
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace Option), Rutgers University, 1995


  • Solid Mechanics
  • Properties of Materials
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Finite Element Methods

Research Interests

  • Multiscale modeling
  • Finite element analysis
  • Dynamic deformation
  • Crystal plasticity


  • York College Faculty Development Speakers' Grant, 2011 York College Faculty Development Travel Grant, 2010
  • York College Faculty Development Research Grant, 2009
  • Dean's Graduate Fellowship, Rutgers University, 1997-1999
  • Koerner Fellowship, Purdue University, 1995-1997
  • NASA Space Grant Summer Fellow, 1994

Recent Publications

  • E.A. Tuncer, S.N. Kuchnicki, A.M. Cuitiño, “Numerical Modeling of Experimentally-Observed Anisotropy: A Multiscale Approach,” Chapter 12 in Plasticity in Crystalline Metals: From Dislocations to Continuum, I. Ionescu, P. Franciosi, S. Bouvier and O. Cazacu, eds; Wiley, 2011.
  • S.N. Kuchnicki, R. Radovitzky and A. Cuitiño. “An explicit formulation for multiscale modeling of bcc metals.” International Journal of Plasticity 24(12), 2173-2191, 2008
  • Z. Zhao, S. Kuchnicki, A. Cuitiño and R. Radovitzky. “Influence of in-grain mesh resolution on the prediction of deformation textures in f.c.c. polycrystals.” Acta Materialia 55(7), 2361-2373, 2007
  • S.N. Kuchnicki, A.M. Cuitiño and R.A. Radovitzky. “Efficient and robust constitutive integrators for single-crystal plasticity modeling.” International Journal of Plasticity 22(10):1988-2011, 2006.

Recent Presentations

  • J. Dawson and S. Kuchnicki. “Using Formula SAE® as a Capstone Design Project at a Small School.” ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Louisville, KY, June 2010.
  • K. Meah, T. Garrison, J. Kearns, E. Celik, G. Link, L. Garrison, W. Blanding, S. Kuchnicki, J. Dawson, “An Automated Bottle Filling and Capping Project for Freshmen Engineering Students.” ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Louisville, KY June 2010.
  • E. Tuncer, S. Kuchnicki, and A. Cuitiño, “Numerical Modeling of Experimentally-Observed Anisotropy – A Multiscale Approach.” ICACM 4th US-France Symposium, Paris, France, June 2010.


  • Faculty Development Committee, Projects and Resources Subcommittee (2008- 09, 2010, 2011-present)
  • ADR Assessment Committee (2009-10)
  • Mechanical Engineering Coordinator (Fall 2010)
  • Faculty Advisor, Collegiate Engineering Society (Fall 2009-present)
  • Judge, Dallastown Area High School Science Fair (2009-2011)
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