Electrical Engineering Student

Keith E. Peterman, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, University of Idaho, 1975
  • M.Ed., Organometallic Chemistry, Shippensburg State College, 1972
  • B.S., Chemistry-Secondary Education, Shippensburg State College, 1969


  • General Chemistry
  • Chemistry and Society
  • Science and Sustainability


  • Fulbright Senior Research Award, Germany
  • Fulbright Lecturing Award, Russia
  • National Academy of Sciences Eastern European Research Award, Poland
  • NAVY/ASEE Research Fellowship, Washington, DC

Recent Publications

  • “Global Hot Topic” hosted by the York Daily Record/Sunday News and Member of the Huffington Post Blog Team
  • “Undergraduate Students, Faculty Mentors, and Professional Disciplinary Societies Address Climate Change as a Global Human Rights Issue” by Diane W. Husic, Keith E. Peterman, Gregory P. Foy, and Hilde Binford, Council for Undergraduate Research Quarterly. (accepted, Spring 2014).
  • “Chemistry and Society Courses Can Address Global Issues” by Keith E. Peterman and Matthew R. Cordes. Sustainability in the Chemistry Curriculum. Eds. Catherine H. Middlecamp and Andrew D. Jorgensen. New York: Oxford University Press. 189-202 (2012).
  • “Field Trips Put Chemistry in Context for Non-science Majors,” by Keith E. Peterman, J. Chem. Educ., 85, 645 (2008).
  • “A 19F NMR Study of Enzyme Activity,” by Keith E. Peterman, Kevin Lentz, and Jeffery Duncan, J. Chem. Educ., 75, 1283 (1998).

Recent Presentations

  • “International Year of Chemistry Student Chapter Projects and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change,” Symposium Presiders Keith Peterman and Gregory Foy, 243rd American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Diego, March 25, 2012.
  • “UN Provides a Context for Teaching Global Topics of Climate Change and Sustainability”, Keith E. Peterman, 241st American Chemical Society National Meeting, Anaheim, March 31, 2011.
  • “Chemistry and Society Courses Can Address Global Issues,” Keith E. Peterman, 239th American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Francisco, March 23, 2010.
  • “Costa Rica: An Ideal Natural Laboratory for Investigating Climate Change and Sustainability Issues,” Keith E. Peterman, 237th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Salt Lake City, March 25, 2009.

Professional Association

  • American Chemical Society Committee on Environmental Improvement