Electrical Engineering Student

Karl Kleiner, Ph.D.


  • Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Wisconsin (1992-1996)
  • Post-doctoral Research Assistant, Pennsylvania State University (1988- 1992)
  • Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (1989)
  • M.F.S., Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (1984)
  • B.S., Antioch College (1981)


  • Environmental Biology
  • Ecology
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Junior Thesis
  • Senior Thesis

Research Interests

  • Phylogeography of northern saw-whet owls and barn owls
  • Habitat range and use by barn owls
  • Relationships between below ground microbial communities and tree success
  • Black locust physiology
  • Plant-insect interactions

Recent Publications

  • Kolos, K. 2011. Understanding the home range and habitat of barn owls (Tyto alba) in southeastern Pennsylvania. Research Proposal
  • Fauth, S. and K. Kleiner. 2010. Sex ratios of barn owls in south-central Pennsylvania. Poster Presentation at the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Wildlife Society
  • Heyler, B. 2008. Sexing of barn owls (Tyto alba) using molecular techniques.
  • Heckman, J. 2007. Characterization of the mitochondrial gene order in the northern saw-whet owl, Aegolius acadicus.
  • Smith, G. and K. Kleiner. 2005. The effect of four early-successional Pennsylvania tree species on soil bacterial communities. Poster Presentation. 2nd annual Mid-Atlantic Ecology Conference.