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3 jobs you can get with a Sport Media degree

Graham School of Business sport management and sport media students work at baseball game.

York College of Pennsylvania has officially joined the ranks of a small but growing number of colleges that offer a Sport Media major.

Studying Sport Media can open the door to a vast number of careers that combine media and athletics. Dr. Molly Sauder, coordinator of the Sport Management and Sport Media programs at York College, says communications jobs are steadily increasing in the world of sports.

Several faculty members from the Sport Management, Mass Communications, and Integrated Marketing Communication majors spearheaded the movement to create the new Sport Media major. While doing the research, they found hundreds of jobs in which a Sport Media major could excel within a several hour radius of York College. The program became available to students this fall.

‘Some glamour but plenty of hard work’

Sport Media students will take many of the same core classes offered in the COSMA accredited Sport Management program. The new program also features multiple opportunities to gain real-world experience.

“There’s some glamour, but also plenty of hard work,” Sauder says of sport media jobs.

Students are given the option of pursuing three tracks within the Sport Media major:

  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Sport Communication Performance
  • Sport Communication Production

When students find a career that matches with the area that interests them most, a world of opportunities will open for them.

“It’s pretty amazing to see what can happen when students find their passion,” Sauder says.

So, what can a graduate do with a Sport Media degree? Here are three good options.

Social media manager

Social media use has skyrocketed in the past decade, and knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other heavily-used sites are essential for public relations and marketing. It’s no different in the sports world.

A Sport Media major who learns the ins and outs of communication and selling an organization’s product or story via social media will find a number of sports organizations willing to hire them, including communications offices in high school and college athletics programs, as well as professional teams and sport product companies.

Sports reporter

This is one of the more traditional sport media jobs, but it’s a field that’s changed radically over the past decade. There is still the traditional sports reporter and sports editor job at local and national newspapers, as well as television reporters for channels such as ESPN.

However, a brave new world of sports reporting now occurs entirely in the digital realm, as evidenced by sites such as Vox Media. A digital media job not only requires a talent for interviewing sources, finding stories and writing them in a way that engages the reader, but reporters must also learn to shoot and edit video, learn SEO, and utilize other skills that are exclusive to the web.


The unsung heroes of sports media are the people who run the cameras, ensure that the equipment is running smoothly and troubleshoot any technical problems.

If you love sports media but shun the limelight, this may be the niche for you.

For more information about the Sport Media major at York College, visit our website.