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Banking on community, both inside and outside of York College

Matthew Knight '19 finance major

Matt Knight’s passion for finance and economics started when he was only in sixth grade.

When the market crashed in 2008, he wanted to learn more. The sixth grader started watching CNBC, Bloomberg, and catching up on any financial news he could.

“I was always a numbers guy when I was a kid,” Matt says. “Even if you don’t understand it that much, it’s always fun to look at the numbers.”

A job crunching numbers

Numbers ended up being the start of a career.

Matt will graduate from York College of Pennsylvania’s Graham School of Business next year with a degree in Finance and a minor in Economics.

He chose York College because he liked the smaller feel to the campus, which was similar to the high school he attended in Dover, Delaware. He was interested in having meaningful connections with his professors instead of just being another name.

With graduation on the horizon, Matt’s dream is to go into community banking. That passion stems from the same reason he chose York College — he wants to get to know people on an individual level.

“I was one of those guys who was originally interested in going to a big firm in New York,” Matt says, but he realized he wanted a community atmosphere instead. “I would just link it back to where I’m more comfortable with and used to.”

Confirming a dream

Matt further solidified his career path with experiences at York College and beyond.

He first became interested in community banking through the CSPS banking competition, an annual team competition for college students across the country.

Students focused on how technology impacts local banking, particularly taking a look at Fulton Bank.

Matt looked at Fulton Bank’s different financial statements over a 10-year period. He crunched the data to see if technology had made an impact. The team ended up placing in the top five in the country.

“I was pretty excited about that,” Matt says. “Top five out of about 50 teams across the country was pretty exciting for us.”

He was also a part of the Next Generation Bankers Academy through the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities this past summer. While at the weeklong banking academy in Harrisburg, Matt visited different community banks throughout central Pennsylvania.

“I thought it was something interesting, something I could see myself doing,” Matt says.

The future

Now, Matt is focused on graduating and securing a job as a credit analyst at a community bank where he would review loans.

He’s been tutoring students in Economics and Finance at York College to hone his communications skills.

“That’s a pretty big deal, especially if I’m going into banking,” Matt says. “You want to build a relationship with your customers. I’d like to think that all of this is kind of helping me prepare for that.”

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