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From MLB to NFL, Business major finds way to follow his passion

Hunter Hudak in suit and tie

Hunter Hudak sees himself running a sports team someday. Fascinated with sports from an early age, the York College of Pennsylvania sophomore is actively involved in various sports-related clubs and is part of the College’s Sport Business Association. Unlike most members of the Sport Business Association, Hunter’s not a Sport Management major, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t welcome. 

“Professors Michael Mudrick and Molly Sauder have always supported me as a member, even though I’m a Business Administration major,” Hunter says. “They send me emails about upcoming sports events and conferences so I can represent the club at these events.”

Building his resume

Hunter’s inclusion has led to great opportunities for an up-close look at various major league sports operations. “I worked spring training for the St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins,” Hunter says. “I got to work in the press box with the PA announcer, see how he does things, and meet people from ESPN.”

As a member and secretary of the club, Hunter also worked for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, helping ensure safety while scanning tickets as fans entered the stadium. “This was another chance to interact with the public and help fans get fired up as they enter the building,” he adds.

This winter, he’ll be one of six York College students working at Super Bowl LIV in Miami – a nine-day trip being planned by Hunter’s advisor, Sport Management Professor Donna Grove. He’ll be conducting research on the day-to-day planning of operations, how things are planned and carried out, making sure events are on time and done well, much more.

“Because of all this experience, I’ll have more on my resume than most business students,” Hunter says. “And having a Business Administration degree means I’m not limited to working in one area.”

‘Nothing but opportunities’ 

Before enrolling at York College, Hunter toured 21 other schools. York College was his last visit. “I felt at home as soon as I stepped on campus,” he remembers. He likes the smaller class sizes and believes the smaller student body allows him to have varied opportunities.

Hunter also works as a dorm Resident Assistant and is a building manager at the campus athletic facility, the Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center, where he is learning time management skills.

“I’m up at 4:30 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, making sure the laundry is done and ready, and handling any problems that arise at the building.”

He recommends York College for either Business or Sport Management majors and certainly for anyone looking to combine these two. Mostly, though, he just believes in the school’s support for its students.

“This is not the college that says you can’t,” Hunter says. “They say you can and show you how to do that. There are nothing, but opportunities at York College.”