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Hometown girl graduates York College with a Marketing job in hand

Catherine Rogue '18, marketing graduate

Catherine Roque, a recent York College of Pennsylvania grad, is re-experiencing her hometown of York with a brand-new perspective.

“I graduated from York College in May and received a job offer the next week,” says the new marketing coordinator for the York County Economic Alliance.

Catherine has lived in York since she was 6. Now, through her new position with the YCEA, she is getting involved in a wide variety of community-related happenings.

“Basically, I’ve been here all my life,” she says, “but through my job, I’m getting out and seeing what’s going on. It gives you a different view of the county — I’m involved in all kinds of things I didn’t even know about.”

Degree in one hand, job offer in the other

As her senior year drew to a close, Catherine was busy working toward her goal.

“All along, I wanted to graduate with a job,” she says, “so I was applying everywhere. I interviewed with YCEA toward the end of the semester and then, during finals week, they asked to see some examples of my work.”

So, how do you handle the mental challenge of finals colliding with the stress of presenting a potential employer with some of your best work? Catherine says she just focused on doing what needed to be done to get through finals and get the job.

“It was just good time management and organization,” Catherine explains.

Now, in life after college, being a marketing coordinator gives her the opportunity to wear many hats. 

“I work with my digital manager on content for all of our social media accounts and upcoming events within our organization,” she says. “I do some design, some photography, and I’m going to be shooting some videos that feature local businesses and community events. We just did one for the Hanover Chili Cookoff.”

The thing Catherine enjoys most about her new world is that every day is different.

“I get to do things I enjoy and be part of things that are totally new—I like that,” she says.

Marketing opportunity 

In her junior year of high school at William Penn Senior High School, Catherine was accepted as a recipient of the York College Community Opportunity Scholarship Program.

“Most people know it as YCCOSP,” she says. “The goal is to keep York City students in the county and have them settle here in their careers. YCCOSP really prepared me for college and life after college.”

Once she arrived on campus as a full-fledged freshman, Catherine decided against choosing one, narrow specialty. Instead, she pursued a more varied range of knowledge. 

“I felt Marketing would be the major that would provide the broadest amount of opportunity,” she says. “It suits my skills: business, creativity, and leadership.”

Along with some job shadowing, York College helped place her in multiple internships, including pairing her with York Traditions Bank during her final semester.

“My Integrated Business class connected me with York Traditions,” she says. “We were given a problem to focus on; ours was researching if videoblogging was a market worth stepping into and how to attract millennials and keep them in the banking world.”

Her student group researched the company, interviewed many of the staff, examined how they communicate within the organization, and then prepared a presentation to the bank's’ executives and its CEO highlighting their findings as well as their solution. 

“That was a great experience because we had the chance to interact with active business professionals,” she says. “it taught me a lot.”

Checking in and checking it out 

The Yorktowne Hotel has been standing at the corner of East Market and South Duke streets since 1925. Growing up  Catherine passed by the stately old building many times, yet she only stepped inside about twice.

Now, she’s getting a first-hand glimpse at the role she and new fellow YCEA employees are playing in helping revitalize one of her city’s most recognizable names.

“I obviously knew it was there but I rarely ever had the opportunity to visit,” Catherine says. “Now that I’m with the YCEA, I’m going in there weekly to take pictures of the progress they’re making in its redevelopment.”

In the process, she’s learned that there is a lot of history behind it.

“I’m really glad we took on this redevelopment,” she says. “I think it will lead to more jobs and will certainly beautify our city.”

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