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York College student nominated to join prestigious Sport Management honors society

February 27, 2017
Kyle Andrews
Kyle Andrews, Class of 2017

York College of Pennsylvania senior Kyle Andrews knows he must distinguish himself in the growing field of Sport Management.

“Sport management is such a competitive field because so many students and employees, not just sport management students, are drawn to the industry,” Kyle says.

Recently, Kyle received an honor that can help him stand out among those grasping for a job in the sports industry. Kyle was nominated to join Chi Sigma Mu, the honors society of the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA).

York College professor Dr. Michael Mudrick says Kyle received the honor because he’s already doing things that showcase his exceptional skills. Kyle is a great student, leader and hard worker, Dr. Mudrick says.

“It’s really all of the above. I know that sounds cliché, but in my two years he really is the student that stands out,” he says.

To receive consideration, a student must by nominated by a faculty member and have at least 60 credits toward a Bachelor’s degree with a 3.4 GPA.

“It’s just a great honor and something I’m very proud of. I think what makes this award even more special for me is the fact that you have to be nominated by your professors,” Kyle says.

“Any time your superiors or managers and peers recognize that you’re working hard and see the pride you have in your academics, life or your job, that’s as good as it gets.”

A future doing what he loves

Sports have always been a part of Kyle’s life. He has helped coach at the junior high and high school levels and would like to be an athletic director.

“This industry can impact people in so many ways, whether that be through fan experience or helping student athletes within high school or college athletics departments,” he says.

“It’s constantly changing, and no day is similar, so for me that’s huge draw. The fact you’re always trying to find that new competitive edge or a new way of doing something to help your team be successful – that beats any day just sitting at a desk.”

While a career in sports sparked his interest, the importance of his academics is really what helps him achieve success.

“From a young age, my parents made sure to remind me how important academics were, and they made sure I applied myself in the classroom,” Kyle says. “So, it’s a testament to them and all my teachers along the way.”

An opportunity to network and grow

One of the benefits to being in the COSMA honors society is free registration to the organization’s annual conference, something Kyle knows can open doors down the road.

“The old saying, ‘it’s not what you know but who you know,’ really stands out to me,” he says. “It truly is such a vital part of any industry today, and being a part of this honor society I am gaining access to people and sport employees who are at the highest level of what they do.”

That ability to showcase his skills is something Kyle already excels at, Dr. Mudrick says.

In November 2016, Dr. Mudrick, Dr. Molly Haynes Sauder and three students – including Kyle – attended the annual Sport Marketing Association conference in Indianapolis.

The students gave a presentation on a research study and participated in a “study bowl.”

“Kyle really stood out at that conference,” Dr. Mudrick says. “He can think on his feet in an academic setting. He’s got that captivating factor in front of an audience. I’m excited to see where he goes in life.”

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