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Molly Sauder, EdD


  • EdD, United States Sports Academy
  • MS, Shippensburg University
  • BA, Messiah College

Recent Publications

  • Sauder, Molly; Becker, Fred; Malcarne, Brian; Saville, Julie (2020) Team Meeting 101: An Investigation of Cognitive Engagement and Self-Efficacy in a Unique Active Learning Instructional Technique, Schole
  • Taylor, Elizabeth; Sauder, Molly; Rode, Cheryl (2020) Perceived Job Demands and Resources in the Sport Management Academic Environment, Journal of Sport Management Education
  • DeLuca, Jaime; Sauder, Molly; Mudrick, Michael (2020) Optimistic & Boundaryless: Sport Management Students’ Conceptualization of Career, Schole
  • Sauder, Molly (2019) When Athletes Don’t “Stick to Sports”: The Relationship Between Athlete Activism and Sport Consumer Behavior., Journal of Sport Behavior, Volume 42, Issue 2, Pages 177.
  • Sauder, Molly (2019) What Did You Expect?: Divergent Perceptions Among Internship Stakeholders., Journal of Experiential Education, Volume 42, Issue 2, Pages 105.