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Pawan Madhogarhia


Dr. Pawan Madhogarhia earned his Master of Sciences in Business Administration (Finance) and Ph. D. in Finance from Mississippi State University. He is a CFA charter holder. He earned Bachelor of Commerce with Honors from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, India. He is currently serving as an Associate Professor of Finance at York College of Pennsylvania. His research interests include earnings management, asset allocation, market volatility, asset allocation, international finance, high impact practices. He has developed techniques on separating growth firms from value firms and timing style versus growth. He has actively followed the financial markets since 2006 and has a keen understanding of the current financial crisis as it unfolds. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in finance. Dr. Madhogarhia has also taught courses in Accounting and Economics. He is the director for NASDAQ Trading Lab and is engaged in studying the behavior of markets in a laboratory setting. He is always looking for ways to develop new pedagogical and experiential learning methods to enrich student learning in the areas of finance, accounting and economics. Dr. Madhogarhia has mentored students for different competitions such as the CFA Research Challenge, the CSBS case study competition and the Southeastern Hedge Fund Competition.