Giving back to the community is a main component of the Eisenhart Scholarship program at York College

Eisenhart Scholar Application

The Eisenhart Community Scholars Program is seeking individuals who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to becoming servant leaders and to bettering the communities in which we live.

Because we’re looking for innovators who bring new ideas for improving our community, and because we’re putting together a team of individuals who can work well together, we’d like to get to know more about you. This application will allow us to do just that. So, relax and be yourself—show us who you are and what you believe.

Guidelines for applicants:

1. Apply as soon as possible: For full consideration, applications must be received by March 30, 2017.

2. There are NO strict GPA or test score requirements beyond those required for admission to the College.  We’ll make decisions based upon all facets of your application materials, and will consider your past community work as well as your future goals, creativity, work ethic, and ability to work in teams.

3. The Eisenhart Scholars team will read your application materials, and may be in touch to talk with you individually. We’ll notify you about our decisions by the end of March

4. Plan on attending, if at all possible, the ACCEPTED STUDENT DAY on APRIL 22, 2017. During that event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the other Eisenhart Scholars who will join us in 2017.  If you can’t make it that day, we’ll arrange another way to speak with you.  

Ready to lead by serving? Apply to be a York College Eisenhart Scholar
Ready to lead by serving? Apply to be a York College Eisenhart Scholar.

How to apply
  • Answer questions

    Answer four short-answer questions. Download and complete the Eisenhart Application.

    After you’ve answered the questions, save the Word document to your own computer, making the filename your last and first name. (eg., smith,jake)

    You will be asked to submit your answers in Step Three.  

  • Tell us about yourself

    You have two options:

    1.) You could submit a word document


    2.) You can send us a URL link that will allow us to access something you have created on YouTube or other media site. Use whatever media you’d like—audio, video, images, or words.

    HERE ARE SOME IDEAS FOR HOW YOU CAN HELP US GET TO KNOW YOU (but feel free to find the way that best suits your personality).

    For any of these options,

    you could submit an essay, a video, an audio file, a website, or whatever you feel best represents you.

    • Help us get to know you, your plans, your dreams, and—most importantly—what kind of community-based work you have already done. 


    • tell us a story (in words, pictures, audio, or video) that helps us understand something important about you and how you’ve done work to benefit your community in the past—and have acted as a leader in doing so;


    • show us something you created, in words, pictures, music, video, or however else you’d like that demonstrates your skills and commitment to community-based work.


    • tell (or show) us about a community effort you created alone or with a team
    • Tell us about your own future goals and how this program could help you attain them. Again, you can use words, pictures, audio, or video.

    IN SHORT, tell or show us, in whatever media form you choose, about how you’ve served your community.                                                                                     

    Whatever you choose to send, it should represent you and your goals in some way. Let what you send speak for who you really are. That’s what we want!

    After you’ve answered the questions in Step One, and created or decided upon something to submit in Step Two, you’re ready to complete and submit your application in step three.

  • Submit your content

    After completing the steps above, fill out our web form, where you’ll be able to:

    • Answer some questions. This should take you about 20-30 minutes. 
    • Upload your documents and/or send us a URL link for what you’ve created.

    Thank you for deciding to apply to be an Eisenhart Scholar!

Contact Us
Eisenhart Scholars
Dominic DelliCarpini, Ph.D., Dean, Center for Community Engagement
Humanities Center, Room 29
Phone: 717.815.1303
Contact for appt.

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