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YCP Nursing student has a 'heart for people'

Jordan Sandoval
Jordan Sandoval ’19 path may be untraditional, but he's chasing his dreams to make a difference in a female-dominant career path.

When boys are young, it’s not uncommon to hear them talk of what they want to be when they grow up. Some dream of being a professional athlete, some a firefighter, others want to be a police officer.  

“I always wanted to be a nurse,” says Jordan Sandoval.   

As a junior in the Nursing program at York College of Pennsylvania, Jordan is on track to accomplish his dream of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN).  

“I guess I’ve always had a heart for people,” he says. “My mom was a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). My grandmother was a nurse, too.” 

Admiring care providers 

As a young boy, Jordan watched his mom, a single mother, care not only for her family but also for hundreds of patients.  

“My mom did a lot for us – there’s a heck of a lot of love, there,” he says.  

Jordan grew to admire the in-home care his mother provided.  

“So, at some point along the way,” he says, “I just thought, why not get more involved in it?” 

When he made the decision to become a Registered Nurse, he realized it wasn’t the most traditional line of work a guy could choose. 

“My high school friends were like, ‘Why not just be a doctor?’” he says with a laugh. “I said absolutely not; I want to be at the bedside.”  

One-on-one level of caring 

His mother recognized that desire in her son.  

“She was always very encouraging of me going to nursing school,” he recalls.   

What ignites Jordan’s passion for his future career is the one-on-one level of caring he’ll be able to offer.  

“Nurses really engage in a relationship with their patients, they get to know them,” he says.  “When doctors are evaluating a patient, they’ll often ask the nurse for insight; that’s because the nurses are the ones who work directly with the patients.” 

A full plate 

Aside from his full-time responsibilities at school, Jordan has quite a few other things occupying his attention. 

“I just got married in July,” he says. “My wife is about to graduate from York College in Business Administration.”   

When the couple isn’t at school, they divide their time together between her job at LCBC Church in York and Jordan’s 12-hour shifts with the Cardiac Stepdown unit at York Hospital.  

“I really enjoy the cardiac floor. My coworkers are fantastic, and I’ve been able to pick up on a lot of cardiac care,” he says. 

A deep emotional connection   

When he graduated from high school, Jordan started working at a hospital as a transporter and started his job as a nursing assistant last year. Because of his upbringing, he assumed that he had a good feel for the level of care a nurse provides but grew to realize it’s much more involved 

“The emotional connection is way deeper than I initially thought,” he says. “From the time they arrive until they get discharged, the nurse is the one who is working with the patient, especially patients who get bad news.”  

Nurses consult with patients on healthy lifestyles and encourage them to make healthy choices, so they don’t have to come back.   

“It can become really personal, and that connection builds because you’re with this person 12 hours a day,” he says.  

The passion for compassion 

Looking forward, Jordan plans on returning to school so that he can become a Nurse Practitioner. 

Regardless of his level of training, he remains focused on the patient and what he can bring to the bedside.  

“One of the things about me being able to provide genuine compassion is my relationship with Christ,” he says. “Nursing is a great platform for me to live that out.”   

For Jordan, the opportunity to provide that Christ-like care is what makes the real impact. 

“It has nothing to do with whether the patient and I believe the same thing,” he says. “Just listening to them and providing that simple kind of love is all that is important.”