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Nursing major FAQ

  • Is the Nursing Major at York College a direct admit program?

    Students who apply, and are accepted to, York College as a Nursing major are admitted directly into nursing. There is not a separate application process for admittance to the clinical portion of the program. 

  • Are scholarships available specifically for Nursing students?

    Students should work with their high school guidance counselors as well as the Financial Aid Office here at York College to determine which scholarship opportunities for which they may be eligible. Once admitted and enrolled in the program, there are scholarship/externship/internship opportunities that may be available. 

  • How many semesters of clinical coursework are included in the program?

    The Nursing program at York College includes five (5) full semesters of clinical coursework. 

  • Does the Nursing program accept Advanced Placement (AP) and/or college in high school credits?

    Transfer and AP credits are determined upon a review of an applicant's transcript(s). AP science credits will not be substituted for pre-requisite science courses for nursing majors. 

  • Where do students go for clinical?

    The Nursing program has affiliation agreements with numerous agencies in Central Pennsylvania, including WellSpan Health (York Hospital), Pinnacle Health, Holy Spirit Hospital and Hershey Medical Center. Students may be required to travel to Harrisburg and Hershey. 

  • Does York College provide transportation to clinical sites?

    Nursing students take the college shuttle bus to and from WellSpan York Hospital. Students use their own transportation to get to most other clinical sites. 

  • I see that there is an additional cost per credit (differential) for nursing. Which courses does that apply to?

    The Nursing differential only applies to Nursing courses (all courses with an NUR prefix). The nursing differential does not apply to courses within other departments that are required in the nursing curriculum. 

  • Does the Nursing program have a GPA requirement once enrolled in the program?

    In order to continue in the Nursing program, students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, and an overall science GPA of 2.8 or higher. 

  • Can students take coursework over the summer at another institution?

    Students may take courses off campus, following college policy, however we strongly recommend that students do not take science courses at another institution. Please note that Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 must be taken at the same institution. If students do not successfully complete a course in the nursing program, the course must be repeated at York College.

  • What is the student to faculty ratio for nursing courses?

    Typically the student to faculty ratio for lecture courses averages 32:1. The ratio for clinical courses averages 8:1.

  • Do nursing schedules allow students to participate in athletics?

    Absolutely! Some of our best students are athletes. While there are no scheduling guarantees, the program does work to accommodate athletes’ schedule needs as best we can.

  • Can nursing students declare a minor?

    Absolutely! Nursing students often select Biology, Psychology, Gerontology, or Spanish minors. However, you are welcome to take any minor - topics include Outdoor Leadership, Photography, Criminalistics, Human Services, and Applied Youth Development, to name a few. Students in both the spring clinical and fall clinical curriculum plans can take a minor. Students in the fall clinical curriculum plan can more easily fit minor courses into their schedule because they are taking less credits per semester. Information on minors and their requirements can be found in the York College Undergraduate Catalog.

  • Does the nursing program use simulation?

    Yes, simulation is one of the many learning activities we use to help our students meet course outcomes. Simulation experiences are incorporated throughout the curriculum. It is important to note that simulation is not a substitute for clinical hours spent at the hospital(s).

    The Stabler Department of Nursing includes an assessment lab, two 8-bed labs, two individual simulation rooms, and a maternal-child simulation lab. There are 6 video-recording spots, each in a different lab. Our simulation equipment includes: Four SimMen 3G (high-fidelity), six Nursing Anne mid-fidelity simulators operated by SimPads, a Noelle childbirth simulator, a one-year-old pediatric simulator, and two newborn infants, Hal and Tory. 

  • Does the nursing program include study abroad?

    The college holds an annual Global Education Fair for students to learn about study abroad from our faculty leaders and liaisons, students who have studied abroad, and provider representatives from API, CEA, and CIEE.

    Nursing students interested in study abroad can take advantage of opportunities offered during college breaks and during the summer. Some examples: Students can take a course called International Service Learning that includes a trip to India during the semester break. Students in the Cultures and Environments course travel to Cuba over the summer.

  • Can nursing students work while taking classes?

    The nursing program is a full-time program so students may find that juggling employment in addition to their coursework is difficult, however many of our students are employed while enrolled in the program.

  • Are there student organizations for nursing students?

    There are two nursing organizations here at York College. Eta Eta is the York College Chapter of the International Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau. SNAP is the York College Chapter of the Student Nurse Association of Pennsylvania.

  • Is there a uniform requirement for nursing students?

    There is a uniform requirement for clinical. Uniforms are purchased through the York College Bookstore.

  • Does the nursing program assist with job placement?

    The Career Development Office has valuable resources for students in preparing and assisting them in their employment searches. In addition, our department provides students with information about employment opportunities as they become available.

  • Is there a graduation ceremony for students on the fall clinical curriculum plan?

    Yes. York College holds a commencement ceremony in both May and December. The Stabler Department of Nursing holds Convocation in both May and December.

  • Is The Stabler Department of Nursing in good standing with the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing and accreditation agencies?

    The Stabler Department of Nursing is currently in good standing with both the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing and our accrediting body, CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education).

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