Spring on the York College campus

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate of York College of Pennsylvania is a body of shared governance that includes both the faculty and administration of the College. It is one of the main venues at York College where faculty from across the institution work collaboratively with one another and with College administrators on matters having to do with everything from student welfare and the College’s curriculum to long range planning, faculty development, and the budgetary process. Much of this work is accomplished by Senate committees, each of which is charged with a set of specific tasks. Below you will find a list of the committees, the duties with which they are charged, and the current committee chairperson and their contact information. The Academic Senate meets on the first Tuesday of each month during the academic year. For Academic Senate meeting minutes and agendas, visit the Academic Senate Archives (login required).

Academic Senate Committees

Executive Committee

Charge: to assist the Academic Senate by recommending schedules of general business for attention by the Senate, ensuring the preparation of appropriate discussion papers and documentation for the Senate, and determining urgent matters within the Senate's jurisdiction that arise between meetings of the Senate.

Chair and Senate President: David Singleton (dsinglet@ycp.edu)

Academic Programs Committee

Charge: to monitor and make recommendations to the Academic Senate and the administration regarding the core curriculum, the general education program and the major and minor disciplines of the College, and to initiate discussions on future curricular matters.

Chair: Stephen Kuchnicki (skuchnic@ycp.edu)

Faculty Budget Committee

Charge: to provide for faculty input into the college budgeting process regarding accounting procedures and allocations of funds, as well as serve as the faculty representative in salary negotiations with the college president.

Chair: Chris Meisenhelter (cmeisenh@ycp.edu)

Faculty Benefits Committee

Charge: to monitor and make recommendations to the Academic Senate and Administration regarding faculty fringe benefits as currently listed in the Faculty Manual.

Chair: Jessica Fautch (jfautch@ycp.edu)

Faculty Development Committee

Charge: to be the primary advocate for faculty development. The committee shall be composed of two subcommittees: the Funding Subcommittee and the Projects & Resources Subcommittee. The Funding Subcommittee shall administer such College funds as are available for faculty development purposes. The Projects & Resources Subcommittee shall coordinate the dissemination of information concerning faculty development opportunities and shall regularly implement projects and maintain resources that contribute to the professional development of the faculty. Both subcommittees shall devise strategies and programs enabling faculty to pursue mid-career adjustments in either professional areas or fields of interest, as will be beneficial to the overall program of the College. International travel, research opportunities, and other faculty-strengthening activities ought to be publicized and fostered by both subcommittees.

Chair: Karl Kleiner (kkleiner@ycp.edu)

Instructional Resources Committee

Charge: to recommend and review plans, policies, and procedures for the effective integration of various learning resources (print and non-print) into the academic programs of the college.

Chair: Eric Hostler (ehostler@ycp.edu)

Promotion & Tenure Committee

Charge: to continually review promotion and tenure guidelines and observe and advise on matters pertaining to the promotion and tenure process. The committee reads the dossiers and participates in the annual promotion and tenure process.

Chair: Greg Foy (gfoy@ycp.edu)

Student Welfare Committee

Charge: to examine matters and to recommend policy concerning academic standards and student life. Such matters include all aspects of the College as a total learning and living environment that may affect the students' academic, intellectual, cultural, social, psychological, and physical well-being.

Chair: Ilana Krug (ikrug@ycp.edu)

Long Range Planning

Charge: to provide faculty input to the College long-range planning process by articulating academic priorities, examining their alignment with core functions and key resources of the College, evaluating the attainment of stated goals on an ongoing basis, and recommending changes where appropriate.

Chair: Gerry Patnode (gpatnode@ycp.edu)

General Education Assessment Committee

Charge: to oversee assessment of the general education curriculum, and to monitor and make recommendations to the Academic Senate and the administration regarding the general education program and its curricular and co-curricular components.

Chair: Kay McAdams (kmcadams@ycp.edu) 

Nominations, Elections, and Membership

Charge: to present names of candidates for officer and committee positions to the Academic Senate.

Chair: Stacey Lutter (slutter@ycp.edu)