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Spring on the York College campus

Gen Next Summer Courses

Getting ahead is a breeze this summer

You can make this your most productive summer yet. Take 2 or 4 Generation Next courses during Summer I or II at York College, and you'll receive a scholarship to cover 50% of course costs. It's that easy. But it's not just about saving tuition dollars (although that helps!). By taking courses this summer that count toward your general education credit requirement, you can:

  • Graduate sooner: Think of how far along you'll be in the fall with Gen Next classes taken care of over the summer, and under a condensed schedule.
  • Improve your GPA: Retake a course and aim for that GPA-boosting grade you need, all without slowing you down during the upcoming school year.
  • Finish your requirements faster: With less time devoted to Gen Next during the school year, you'll have more credits available to pursue a minor or other academic goals.

Take a look at the course offerings. Talk with your academic advisor. Then apply for the Gen Next scholarship. Once accepted, you'll be able to register for summer courses at half the cost!

Note: A minimum of 2 courses must be taken. The courses are offered during Summer I (June 10-July 11) and Summer II (July 15-August 15) sessions. 

Students who register for 12-18 credits in the summer and are eligible for Full-time financial aid are unable to use the Gen Next Summer scholarship. This scholarship opportunity is only available to YCP students that had schedules in Fall 2018 or Spring 2019.

Gen Next
  • Course offerings

    The following list is also available on our form to apply for the Gen Next Summer Scholarship. Please see your advisor to ensure you're taking the right classes to keep you on track for graduation and register for classes as usual.

    Online (June 10 - Aug. 15)






    LIT379.101 Vause ONLINE 3 Environmental Literature
    MKT100.101 Woodall ONLINE 3 Principles of Marketing
    PAW234.901 Lankford ONLINE 3 Wellness, Fitness & Lifestyle Management
    PHL222.101 Stoutenburg  ONLINE 3 Critical Thinking
    PSY215.901 Druen ONLINE 3 Sustainability/Psychology
    PSY230.901 Strassle ONLINE 3 Abnormal Psychology











    Summer I (June 10 - July 11, Class meets MTWR)

    ART 101.801 Clay-Robison 6-8 p.m. 3 Art and Visual Culture
    BIO 204.103 Staff 8:30-12:00 3 Exploring Biology
    ECO 201.101 Cho 10:40-12:40 3 Principles of Economics (Micro)
    ECO 315.101 Slaysman 8:30-10:30 3 Environmental & Natural Resources
    ENT 350.101  Patnode  8:30-10:30  Innovation and Creativity 
    ESS 254.101 Kreiger 10:40-1:40 TR
    3 Local Perspectives on the Geological World
    FCO 105.101 Staff 8:30-10:30 3 Rhetorical Communication
    FCO 210.101 Staff 8:30-10:30 3 Communication in Professional Cultures
    G 151.101 Pomeroy 10:40-12:40 3 Introduction to Physical Geography
    HIS 101.101 Krug 10:40-12:40 3 Foundation of the West
    HIS 112.101 Staff 10:40-12:40 3 American Civilization II
    HIS 315.101 Krug 8:30-10:30 3 History of Technology to 1550
    MAT 111.101 Johnson 10:40-12:40  3 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in Mathematics
    PHL 221.101 Kraft 10:40-12:40 3 Introduction to Philosophy
    PS 102.101 Li 8:30-10:30 3 Contemporary Global Issues
    PSY 100.101 Engler 8:30-10:30 3 General Psychology
    PSY 221.101 Staff 10:40-12:40 3 Child and Adolescent Development
    SOC 100.101 Steck 10:40-12:40 3 Introduction to Sociology
    WRT 103.101 Staff 10:40-11:20  1 Writing Studio

    Summer II (July 15 - Aug. 15, Class meets MTWR)

    ART 233.101 Todenhoft 10:40-12:40 3 Concepts of Painting
    HIS 102.101 McAdams 10:40-12:40 3 West in the World
    MAT 111.102 Deppen 10:40-12:40 3 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in Mathematics
    MGT 225.101 Yoder 10:40-12:40 3 Organizational Behavior
    MUS 186.101 Staff 10:40-12:40 3 Listening to Music
    MUS 288.101 Knisely 10:40-12:40 3 History Rock/Roll
    PS 101.101 Ilgenfritz 1 - 3 3 Introduction to American Government
    PS 312.101 Cannizzaro 8:30-10:30 3 Politics of Public Policy
    PSC 152.101 Rentzel 8:30-12:00 3 Concepts in Physics in Everyday Life
    SOC/WGS 225.101 Steck 8:30-10:30 3 The Family
    THE 154.101 Werner 10:40-12:40 3 Introduction to Theatre
    THE 215.101 Delle 10:40-12:40 3 Acting
  • Q: What kind of student should take advantage of Gen Next summer courses?

    Most YCP students are eligible for these courses, but this would be most ideal for those students that are either retaking a failed Gen Next course or those who are interested in getting some Gen Next requirements out of the way in Summer I and II so they can focus on their major courses in the Fall and Spring semesters.

    Students who register for 12-18 credits in the summer and are eligible for Full-time financial aid are unable to use the Gen Next Summer scholarship. This scholarship opportunity is only available to YCP students that had schedules in Fall 2018 or Spring 2019.

  • Q: Do these count the same as classes during the fall or spring?

    Yes, these courses are worth exactly the same credits if they are taken in the Summer as if they were taken in the Fall or Spring (except they are significantly less expensive).

  • Q: I only want to take one summer class. Can I still get the scholarship?

    Unfortunately, no. This scholarship is designed for students to either improve his or her past GPA or leap forward in Gen Next requirements.

    Think about this: If you take one course, then you are able to take the second course for free. Why not take advantage of this scholarship and complete two courses instead of just one?

  • Q: Can I live on campus while taking summer courses?

    Yes!  On-campus housing is available during the summer.  For complete information, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 717.815.1281 or residencelife@ycp.edu.  

  • Q: I'm not sure if this is right for me. Who can help me decide?

    Your best bet is to discuss your summer plans with your academic advisor. They will look at the big picture, such as how this fits into your overall graduation goals (when you want to graduate, what degree you're seeking, etc.) as well as ensuring you're taking the right Gen Next courses so that you truly are getting ahead.

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