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American Constitutional Freedom Scholars

A Living and Learning Community at York College

Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances, this scholarship is no longer being offered for the Fall 2018 incoming class. Please check our scholarship page for other opportunities.

Students in this unique scholarship program, founded in 2012 under the W. Dale Brougher Foundation, have the opportunity to learn more about the Constitutional freedoms articulated by our nation’s founders. This select fraternity of students also get involved in creating a greater awareness of how Constitutional freedoms and the concept of free enterprise intersect in America.

"The program provided me with the opportunity to meet several influential politicians and public figures that I would not have met otherwise, including Ben Carson, Dana Perino and Charles Krauthammer. I am so grateful that the Brougher Foundation awarded me with this scholarship and allowed me to participate in programs that enriched my college experience. The events made me a more informed citizen, and they made me more appreciative of the freedoms I have as an American.”

Shannon Meglathery '16, Business Administration and first ACF Scholar at York College

Sen. Pat Toomey stands with President Gunter-Smith during his visit to campus to connect with ACF Scholars in 2015-16.
Sen. Pat Toomey stands with President Gunter-Smith during his visit to campus to talk with ACF Scholars about constitutional principles.

Important information about our program How ACFS works

  • Program outline

    First Year Seminar Freshmen students will participate in a First-year Seminar on the Entrepreneurial Thinking.

    • This course helps prepare new students for the creative, interdisciplinary, and rigorous modes of inquiry that characterize a York College education. The First-Year Seminar is intended to create a sense of intellectual community for students and faculty, to emphasize attainment of key learning outcomes, to introduce students to college-level rigor and expectations, to encourage the academic growth of students, and to purposefully expose students to a variety of co-curricular experiences and resources available at York College.

    Yearly Events. Scholars collectively make up a self-governing learning community and are expected to create and participate in campus activities based on the topic of Constitutional freedoms and/or the role of free enterprise in American society.  All ACFS participants are expected to be involved in at least four events per academic year.

    • The Foundation sponsors an opening event each academic year at the home of Nancy Brougher and other social events from time to time over the course of the year. Students are expected to attend these social events.
    • Students will lead York College in organizing programming for Constitution Day. (To date, the ACFS students have participated in the Department of History and Political Science’s two most recently held annual Constitution Bees; always on September 17.)
    • Students will be afforded a variety of lecture/speaker opportunities featuring top executive, administrative, legislative, and judicial leaders on the topic of constitutional freedoms and self-governance. (To date, the ACFS students have had the opportunity to witness, meet, and talk with Senator Pat Toomey, PA State Senator Scott Wagner, former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and political commentator Charles Krauthammer, and former presidential candidate Ben Carson.
    • Students will sponsor and lead a panel/forum discussion or book review on a topic related to Constitutional freedoms, free enterprise, entrepreneurship or self-governance. (Moving forward, history and political science faculty will work with various departmental student groups and the ACFS students to develop programming for Constitution Day that takes advantage of the intellectual capital of the College and deepens the intellectual nature of the annual Constitution Day event.)
    • Students will participate in a service-learning event, as designed or agreed upon by ACFS students as a whole. (For the past three years, the ACFS students have participated in York’s annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s as their community service activity.) 

    Capstone Experience for Seniors

    • Each student will prepare a capstone to his/her York College education as part of the ACFS scholarship.  This capstone may consist of a paper outlining recent Constitutional scholarship, or the creation and execution of a community-based activity, or some other activity approved by the Program Advisor. (This provision applies only to those recipients who entered York College in the fall of 2015 and thereafter. The first group of Seniors to prepare the capstone will be the class of 2019.)


    • Eligible students are first-time, full-time students who will reside in campus housing
    • Students must be U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents to qualify
    • Students under disciplinary suspension lose future merit scholarship eligibility
    • All information is subject to changes in the federal/state regulations and York College policy
    • Eligible students may receive only one academic achievement scholarship

    Please note: Finalists accepted for inclusion in the selection process will be invited to the York College campus in mid-March. At that time, candidates will meet with the members of the American Constitutional Freedom Scholarship Committee and write a 500-750 word essay referencing the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution, on the following topic: American Freedom/Free Enterprise. Candidates will additionally participate in group discussions with other finalists and the Selection Committee. The Committee will review the essays and participation in the discussions and selected award recipients will be notified accordingly within two weeks of the competition.


  • Requirements and how to apply

    To be eligible, students must meet the following requirements:

    • Currently enrolled as a high school senior
    • Achieve a combined SAT critical reading and math score of 1250 or greater (28 ACT composite with required writing) and a minimum high school GPA of 3.0.
    • Accepted for admission to York College by the deadline for scholarship application
    • Submit a brief letter of application by February 15, 2018. The letter should detail your interest in supporting the U.S. Constitution as it relates to the responsibilities and freedoms of American citizens, including any pertinent activities and background information.

    Mail letter of application to:

    Brougher Scholarship Committee
    Admissions Office
    York College of Pennsylvania
    441 Country Club Road, York, PA 17403-3651

  • Community housing
    • Freshmen reside together in Northside Commons
    • Sophomores and Juniors reside together in Pershing House
    • Seniors may opt to reside in Pershing House, if space is available, or elsewhere
  • As a result of your participation in the ACFS Program, you'll be able to do the following.
    • Know that republicanism, the rule of law, federalism, and civil liberties constitute the founding principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.
    • Recognize the importance of the founding principles for supporting and maintaining a vibrant free enterprise system.
    • Explain the workings of a market economy and its ultimate expression in the concept and operation of free enterprise.
    • Demonstrate how the founding principles influence current legislative issues and contemporary free enterprise endeavors.

A Tribute to the Late W. Dale Brougher

The ACFS program is built around Mr. Brougher’s reverence for the founding principles of the United States as embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  He believed that these principles are strengthened by a vibrant free enterprise system. As such, and because Mr. Brougher was himself a man of business, we have appointed Dr. Jefrey Woodall, Chair of the Graham School as the ACFS Program Coordinator.

Contact Us
American Constitutional Freedom Scholarship
Jefrey Woodall
Wilman Business Center, Room 114
Phone: 717.815.1248
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