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7 ways to tour the world with your Hospitality Management degree

July 21, 2016
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If your feet are itching to hit the road in a career that offers excitement and the opportunity to travel, then you might find exactly what you’re looking for with a Hospitality Management degree from York College of Pennsylvania.

From resorts to cruise ships and restaurants, hospitality careers are available around the globe. Check out just a few of the ways your career in hospitality can help you pursue your dreams while traveling the world.

Restaurant management 

Whether you’re looking to make the front of the house offer a first-class experience for restaurant guests, or you’d rather run things behind-the-scenes, a degree in Hospitality Management can give you the skills you need.

Your exposure to financial, managerial and culinary skills can land you in a restaurant with a global reach, whether that’s an Irish pub or a Japanese sushi shop.‌

Hotel or resort management

It is estimated that there are more than 187,000 operating hotels and resorts around the world. Whether you want to help companies like Airbnb expand across the ocean, or you see yourself working on the beaches of on exotic resort, York College’s Hospitality program can help prepare you for a career in hotel management.

Jump into a career that lets you create a home away from home for tourists around the globe.

Cruise ship employment

Make the world’s oceans your home. A Hospitality Management degree will make you uniquely qualified for a variety of career opportunities on a cruise ship, including managing a cruise’s restaurants, lodging, and tourist services. 

There’s no better job for providing fun and relaxation to cruise ship guests.

Catering services

Translate your taste for worldwide cuisine into a career by finding your career in catering services. Whether you land a job with a first-class hotel or find yourself in a world-famous restaurant, you can bring the culinary treasures of the world to your dinner guests.

The event experience you learn at York College of Pennsylvania’s Hospitality program prepares you for a delicious career.

Sommelier, bar manager or beverage distributor

Have a passion for wine and spirits? Study to become a beverage expert for the world’s top wine, spirits or beer manufacturers and distributors.

Our coursework can arm you with the knowledge to work for a variety of beverage companies and gain expertise that will take you from the Napa Valley in California to the Tuscan hills of Italy.

Tour operations

Plan itineraries and accompany sightseers on their once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Work for a travel or tour operator to become an expert on the best restaurants, hotels and attractions that a country has to offer.

This type of career is perfect for the outgoing personalities that are usually found in Hospitality Management, with the opportunity to create an exciting tourism experience for new people on a regular basis.

Travel agent

Have a taste for travel but want to keep your home stateside? Your Hospitality Management experience will give you a unique look into the travel industry, giving you the expertise to consult one-on-one and plan adventures for clients. A career as a travel agent will give you the opportunity to work in an industry that is fast-paced and constantly evolving.

Want to learn more about how the York College of Pennsylvania’s Hospitality Management program can give you the opportunity for a worldwide career? Visit our website to learn more and apply today.

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