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Kevin Schreiber’s ties to York College remain strong

July 24, 2017
Kevin Schreiber’s ties to York College remain strong
Kevin Schreiber stays connected and involved with York College and its students

Since graduating from York College of Pennsylvania in 2002, Kevin Schreiber’s been busy. He worked for the City of York, served a stint in the state legislature representing the city and today heads the York County Economic Alliance.

Through it all, though, he’s stayed connected to the college and maintains what he says has been a constant, positive and perpetually evolving relationship.

“It continues to grow stronger and evolve along with my career evolution,” he says. “I dig it. I certainly hope the college and the students do.”

They have plenty of reasons to.

While at the Capitol, he worked with students to develop an advisory council and used the program each year to give students a chance to influence policy decisions. Today, Kevin often speaks to classes, walks students around downtown, discusses student entrepreneurship and helps connect students with area employers for internships.

“It’s my alma mater, and it wrote a fairly significant chapter in the story of my life,” Kevin says. “It’s an engine for York County, and I see daily the positive benefit it provides our community and the students. The success of our community, our college, and its students are all inextricably linked.”

Finding his path

Kevin started at York College majoring in Political Science. By the end of his sophomore year, he didn’t quite think politics would be his thing, so he switched to Public Relations.

He appreciated how the small size of classes gave students experience, exposure, and connectivity, which offered him ample opportunity to get more from his professors than just lectures.

“Not to be cliché,” he says, “but I do think small class size is really important.”

The connections helped him find his path when he landed an internship with Crispus Attucks, a local nonprofit that assists with education and human services, community development and affordable housing issues for people in the York area.

While he was working a 70th anniversary project with the organization, he was putting down his own roots in the community.

“If I didn’t end up in York,” Kevin says, “I wouldn’t have met my wife, and I wouldn’t have ever been a state representative.”

Taking root

While Kevin’s jobs and titles have changed over the years, he doesn’t think his relationship with York College itself has altered much, other than his duties, which continue to be woven much more intricately throughout a multitude of facets at the college.

“It has been a natural evolution,” he says.

As the YCEA CEO, he’s finds himself working closer with the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship than perhaps he had in past years.

Today, through all of his duties, he regularly finds himself walking around his old haunts.

“I feel like I’m on the campus several times every month,” he says. “I think York College really welcomes you back.” 

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