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Students working on a component of a Formula One racecar for the York College engineering program

Computer Science

Blending the theoretical with the practical, you’ll be well-versed in the why and the how of computer science.

At York College, you’ll get intensive training in common programming languages including C/C++, Java, Python, Scheme and several others. Our accredited program, built on nationally-recognized standards, will give you all the experience, knowledge, and problem-solving skills to confidently apply for careers in the technical or scientific fields of computer science.

Hands-on training is standard here — our visualization lab and software engineering lab are complete with high-performance equipment at your disposal. Our courses take you through the design of complex software using agile software engineering practices through incremental analysis, design, implementation and testing. To better prepare you for whatever your job throws your way, you’ll also be introduced to a wide range of data structures and algorithms used in the computing industry.

Computer Science at York College
Internships, hands-on classes, and a blend of the practical with the theoretical mean you'll be extremely prepared for a career in computers.
Computer Science Class of 2021
Welcome to the computer science class of 2021!

Your future in Computer science

Our graduates work companies such as Distek Integration Inc., the U.S. Army and Lutron Electronics Company. You'll be well-suited for programming and software development positions. Possible careers include:
  • Computer Designer and Engineer
  • Software Engineer, Software Applications System Developer
  • WWW Programmer
  • LAN or Internet Administrator
  • Network Analyst/Engineer, and more
The Computer Science program at York College is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.
Contact Us
Computer Science
David Babcock, Ph.D., Coordinator, Computer Science Program
Kinsley Engineering Center, 101
Phone: 717.815.6442

Jennifer Godfrey
Administrative Assistant
Kinsley Engineering Center, Room 117

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