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Students working on a component of a Formula One racecar for the York College engineering program

Engineering Co-operative Program

Getting paid while you gain hands-on experience

Our Engineering program is one of few engineering programs nationwide that requires all of its students to participate in one year of engineering cooperative work experience (co-op).

Through this program, you will have the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience in industry and other engineering-related enterprises prior to graduation. After your first two years of study, you alternate academic semesters with semester-long periods of typically paid, professional engineering work experience in industry. Students develop job-searching skills by identifying, applying for, and interviewing for engineering co-op positions with companies locally and nationwide.

Engineering Co-operative Program at York College
You'll get to work in the industry getting invaluable experience that sets you up for a career in engineering.
York Engineering students get to complete paid co-op learning experiences

Why you should take advantage of our Co-Op

We value the co-operative program so much that we require a total of three semesters to be taken for each student (with the exception of those with history of qualified engineering work). You'll be prepared for more sophisticated academic work, as well as the ability to explore career options in the real world where you can see the ins and outs of your potential career up close. You'll also be provided with:
  • A better understanding of, and appreciation for, the linkage between the coursework and engineering practice, thus contributing positively to the student's attitude toward academic work
  • The opportunity to develop and enhance interpersonal skills
  • An opportunity to earn money to help meet college expenses
  • A better understanding of the engineering profession through early association with practicing engineers
  • An edge in the job market upon graduation
  • Joe Druck, Chief Design Engineer at Weir American Hydro named Executive Chair of the York College Engineering Industry Advisory Council.

    Headshot of Joe Druck, Chief Design Engineer at Weir American Hydro

    Weir American Hydro has partnered with York College for more than 20 years to employ engineering majors in co-op positions. The benefits of working with York College for Weir American Hydro have been numerous. Today, there are several engineers working full-time at Weir American Hydro who are York College alumnus!

  • Joanne Wilkes, York College Engineering Co-op Program Director is serving as Vice President on the Board of The Engineering Society of York.

     The Engineering Society of York was formed in 1910 to promote the engineering industry by supporting local students who wish to pursue a career in engineering.

  • We are working with The U.S. Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground

    The Engineering program at York College is working closely with the U.S. Army at APG to provide opportunities for engineering students for summer, spring and fall co-ops.

  • Industry Partner Events

    Check back for upcoming speaker events. 

    Recent experts include those from Pfizer, Patton Electronics, Oak Ridge Associated Universities (which provides hands-on research appointments at Federal Laboratories and Department of Defense around the world), and TE Connectivity.

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Engineering Co-operative program
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Kinsley Engineering Center
Phone: 717.815.1733
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