A senior working the booth at WVYC, York College's campus radio station

Division of Communication

On camera and behind the camera. Written and verbal. Behind the mic and in front of an editing bay. Become an effective, powerful communicator at York College.

From your first year on campus, you’ll be able to get involved. We have a state-of-the-art control room, television studio, editing suite, radio station and more that give you the kind of hands-on experience employers seek. Write for the campus newspaper. Produce and voice your own radio show. Join the campus Public Relations Student Society of America chapter. Create a television program. The experiences are there — we’re looking for enthusiastic students who want to dive in.

But it’s not just about the tools at York College. We believe effective speaking and communication must be learned. You’ll discover how the world communicates, how different mediums are used to convey messages, and the theoretical concepts behind communication. Combined with hands-on learning at every corner and a committed work ethic, you can graduate with the knowledge needed to excel in your career and a resume full of accomplishments. The opportunities are here — let’s see what you can do.

A tour of WVYC radio station at York College
Hands-on experience is how approach learning — from your first semester, you'll learn by doing, like in our television production studio.

Student Opportunities and Experiences

York College's Shelby Seaton completing a Mass Communication internship with Fox 43
Our students have interned for the Baltimore Orioles, MTV, CNN, NBC and more.
PRSSA York College chapter 2015
Join an active group that helps plan community outreach events and also attends conferences.
WVYC radio hosts live music performances
WVYC Radio
Get hands-on experience in marketing, managing, and running a radio station on campus. You can choose music, help record a live performance and more.
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Division of Communication
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