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Undeclared Business

The perfect way to start studying business right away without committing to a specialized major for two years.

Undeclared Business is designed as a "stepping stone" to a baccalaureate degree in business for those students who are unsure of the appropriate major. All Undeclared Business students follow the core business curriculum through the sophomore year of study, so you won’t fall behind on your graduation goal. This plan enables you to take the entry-level course in accounting, economics, management, marketing, statistics and legal studies prior to deciding which major best suits your skills and career goals.

You’ll have a much better feel for what you might excel in, plus the advantage of studying different majors and talking with faculty before you declare.

As an undeclared business student, York College students dabble in all areas of business, such as this international business trade lesson.
As an undeclared business student, you'll dabble in all areas of business, like this lesson using balls to represent the international trade market.
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Take a look at what Undeclared Student Advising can offer. Download a transcript of this video.

Undeclared Student Advising

Undeclared Business students get the advantage of using our encouraging Undeclared mentors to help find their career path. The Undeclared Student Advising team, based in Academic Services, can help guide you as you choose a major.
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Undeclared Business
Jefrey Woodall, D.B.A., Chair
Willman Business Center, Room 114
Phone: 717.815.1248
8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.

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Administrative Assistant

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