Spring on the York College campus


From your very first semester at York College, you'll begin developing a business. Innovators welcome.

Get involved right away. That’s how we think you’ll learn best as an entrepreneurship major, giving you experience after experience so that when you graduate, you’ll have already worked on launching a product, pitching ideas, and working in teams. We are so passionate about creating the next wave of entrepreneurs that our on-campus J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship has incubator space used by students and community members.

The Entrepreneurship major prepares graduates for three career paths: to start a business sooner rather than later, join a family enterprise and take it to the next level, and become an entrepreneur within a large organizational setting. You'll continue to be engaged in entrepreneurial activities by starting a small on-campus business, participating in an elevator pitch competition, working with entrepreneurs in the field, creating business models and marketing plans and other hands-on activities.  These help build self-confidence and business acumen and prepare you for graduation and a world of possibility. 


York College prepares students to start their business sooner rather than later in life, take their family business to the next level, or join a larger company and become a corporate entrepreneur. Download a transcript of this video.
York College Entrepreneurship Elevator Pitch winners Joseph Beck, Nigel Haley, and Andrew Komar earned a spot in the Ben Franklin Technology Partners' TechCelerator program
Our unique Elevator Pitch competition helps launch entrepreneurs before they graduate, granting winners incubator space and support for their business idea.

Your future in Entrepreneurship

Our graduates have gone on to work on launching their own products and businesses. You don’t have to go far to find Spartans who run their own business right in York! U.S News & World Report ranked York College as a top regional university (North) in part because of its entrepreneurship opportunities that provide “networks of industry contacts to budding entrepreneurs.”
  • J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship: The pulse for innovation at York College, where you and other entrepreneurs can focus your energy on creating and developing new ideas.
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