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Graham School of Business

Looking for a business school that gets you out of the textbooks and into hands-on learning? The Graham School of Business is the right fit — NASDAQ Trading Lab, internships, and more can propel your career.

The best business graduates are the ones with connections already in their pockets. At York College, relationships with major local corporations such as Johnson Controls, Dentsply, Harley-Davidson, Glatfelter Paper and Graham Packaging, to name a few, mean that you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside and meet with experts in the field. We pride ourselves on having students leave here with contacts, internships, and job prospects in hand.

But connections only take you so far. That’s why our rigorous curriculum helps you get a solid understanding of business before layering in levels of expertise with hands-on experience and fellowships. Whether it’s our first-class Finance Lab, the smart classrooms, or the other impeccable features of the glass-adorned Willman Business Center, you’ll feel like you’re getting a truly immersive business education. Looking for a unique, specialized field? You’ll find it here, from the high-demand field of supply chain operations management to our highly-visible J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship. You can take your education a step further with our MBA programs as well.

York College's Finance Lab
Our NASDAQ Trading Lab is just one of the advantages business students have in the Willman Business Center.
Jeff Hines, CEO of York Water and a York College MBA graduate
Our MBA program has produced successful graduates such as Jeff Hines, CEO of the 200-year-old York Water Company (seen here closing market trading at NASDAQ)

Your key to career advancement Graduate Programs

Increase your earning potential and advance your career with our MBA programs. You can pursue your MBA while completing your undergraduate degree in our Dual Degree program — earn both degrees in as little as five years — or enroll in our well-respected MBA program after graduation.
The entrance to York College's Willman Business Center
The Willman Business Center, home of the Graham School of Business, features a commerce lab, a 150-seat lecture hall, smart classrooms and a glass-enclosed corporate training center.
A glimpse into the glass-encased NASDAQ Trading Lab at York College.
Get a view of real world financial markets with our NASDAQ-sponsored ticker, financial data displays, and more. It’s hands-on investment analysis and research at your fingertips.
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