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Gerontology students at York College work with senior citizens using iPads.

Behavioral Sciences

You want to better understand people around you and how you can help them. Internships, service learning, simulations, and more get you prepared for a career in helping others.

The community is your classroom as a Behavioral Sciences student. You’ll be working in schools, health care agencies, law enforcement agencies, retirement communities and more so you can see first-hand how you can positively impact the community.

Inside the classroom? You’ll be led by professors with doctorates and published research to their credit. You’ll also get to present research projects, giving you deep understanding on a topic you’re passionate about. Combined with hands-on experience and caring faculty, you’ll feel well-prepared to enter the workforce or go to graduate school and make a difference.

Behavioral Science students plant pinwheels for child abuse prevention
Ivy Schneider '04 used her internship and volunteer work to land a job working for a children's advocacy center. Download a transcript of this video.

Hands-on experience in the community Internships

We strongly encourage, and in some cases require, internships. Why? We believe internships are critical in preparing you to make positive change happen in the community. Students will tell you it’s one of the most valuable, memorable parts of their college career. Find out about the process for each of our majors.
Contact Us
Department of Behavioral Sciences
Mary Ligon, Ph.D., Chair
Appell Life Sciences, Room 356
Phone: 717.815.6646
8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

Cheryl A. Smith
Administrative Assistant
Appell Life Sciences, Room 355

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