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Spring on the York College campus


We are proud to award this CIEE Global Scholars Grant to Jessika Roberts for study abroad in Copenhagen, London, and Cape Town during the fall of 2018. Our amazing pool of applicants exceeded our expectations, but in the end we were only able to offer one grant. Jessika's application gave a thoughtful and inspired look at identity, culture, and connection. There will surely be more insights during her travels that will be shared on our Instagram and Facebook along with CIEE's blog. 
"I am still in shock that I have been awarded the CIEE Global Scholars Grant and given the opportunity to go to Denmark, England, and South Africa. That moment was absolute bliss and I could hardly contain myself. I was so nervous about the 'follow-up application interviews' that I had received an email about the day after break. I thought that the selection process was going to take longer than they thought and had to talk to the students more about their applications. I was so overwhelmed with joy and excitement when Annie Nguyen showed me the note she was printing off during our 'interview'. Little did I know that it was the moment that would change my life."
~ Jessika Roberts, Psychology, Norwalk, Connecticut
Top Right
(Left to Right): Jessika Roberts '18, Annie Nguyen, MBA/EdD, Coordinator of Study Abroad/Global Education

The Adventure Begins!

Jessika Roberts explains what she plans to learn at each of the locations. "These locations offer me the greatest potential for exchanging knowledge and skills that will inspire me further to make a positive impact on any community I encounter. I am so excited to explore each of these cultural experiences as I deepen and define who I am and expand my knowledge on international studies and exploration. Traveling to London and Cape Town would fulfill my personal goal of going back to my family's ancestral homes. I want to create a deeper connection to my ancestral roots and African heritage, as well as learn about the land and sea environments that Cape Town is home to. The experience in Copenhagen will give me the fulfillment of experiencing a Scandinavian country, which is vastly different from any other region I’ve visited and from any other culture I’ve been able to study. I want to be able to enhance my ability to speak another language along with expanding my knowledge of the history of that given language, whether that be German, Danish, Norwegian, or a completely new language to me, during my travels in Copenhagen as well. I will increase my knowledge of international studies through psychology and health courses, and pursue an internship. I will also broaden my educational scope and sharpen my study of sociology through interpersonal experiences within these three culturally diverse destinations. Through my first-hand experiences within these countries, I will be able to broaden my language abilities and social networks through the meaningful connections I will create during my travels."

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