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Take a look inside our toolbox


To stand out from the crowd, you need to work smarter than everyone else. Check out these tools that will help improve your productivity, launch your career, grow your finances, and increase your personal development.


Google Drive: No need for MS Office and you can access to your files everywhere
Google Calendar: Schedule all priorities in one place and can pull directly from your Gmail account
Evernote: Gather your thoughts and take notes you can access anywhere
Grammarly: Check your grammar before sending emails to potential employers
The Skimm: Stay up-to-date on current events by reading this short email that comes M-F
Skype: Create a professional screen name for long distance job interviews
Dashlane: Have all your passwords at your fingertips on every device you own


Gradstaff: Features companies specifically looking to hire recent college grads
LinkedIn: Social media for professional connections
Indeed: Most commonly used job site
CareerBuilder: Great job board to upload your resume and get contacted by recruiters
The Muse: Advice on all things career, from resume tips to common interview questions
Meetup: Make friends and connect with other professionals; offers networking events


Student Loan Hero: Articles dedicated to paying off your student loans
Mint: Create a budget and keep track of where your money goes

Personal Development

The Defining Decade: Book on how to make the most of your twenties professionally and personally
Welcome to the Real World: Book on “Finding Your Place... and Turning Your Job into Your Dream Career”
Coursera: Take classes to build your skills from schools like Yale or Stanford
Udemy: Learn skills for your job or for personal development
Happen to Your Career: Podcast on finding work you actually love

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