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Spring on the York College campus

Faculty Resources

The Leadership Development Center promotes leadership and soft skills within many majors and programs.  We partner with faculty members to deliver classroom presentations on the tactical skills and strategies students need for professional success. 

While specific leadership skills vary from program to program, we adjust the length and depth of each presentation based on the specific audience, content and goals. To see how we can help, contact:

Business Center
  • What types of programs can I find through the Leadership Development Center?

    The LDC works with faculty to determine areas in which their students could grow and determine where the curriculum allows for focus on these skills and behaviors.

    The LDC offers interactive presentation on a broad range of skills/topics, including:

    • Interpersonal skills
    • Presentation and communication skills
    • Leadership competencies
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Personal branding
    • Accepting criticism

    For additional details on our targeted behaviors, see our Leadership Skills Framework.

  • What does a typical workshop or in-class presentation look like?

    Presentations by the LDC are informative, engaging and interactive.

    For example, before presentations about personal leadership, students complete their own official Myers-Briggs assessment. During the class discussions, students review the different types of personalities and how they might work through problems on campus and in the workplace.

    “Students learn how they personally perceive problems and how they solve them, and then they look at it from someone else’s perspective,” said Dr. Charlotte Wool, Assistant Professor of Nursing, who has invited the LDC speak to her senior students. “There’s a lot of robust discussion.”

    During presentations about developing a leadership brand, students discusses the importance of maintaining a professional online presence. Using case studies, students look at profiles on LinkedIn and assess whether they would bring that person in for an interview.

    “You can see light bulbs going off with all the students doing the case studies,” Wool said.

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