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Student Referral Service For Faculty and Staff

Central to the York College mission is the creation of a teaching and learning environment characterized by individual attention to the student. This careful attention to the academic and professional success of our students is one way in which York College distinguishes itself from its peers.

For Faculty and Staff

  • What is my role as a York College faculty member?

    As a faculty/staff member, advisor, mentor, or coach, you engage students every day. Therefore, your ability to recognize and acknowledge behavioral changes that might negatively impact a student's academic, social, and/or personal development is a crucial part of your work. By submitting a Student Referral report for a student in distress, you initiate an important, directed outreach process that helps guide the student to the appropriate support service(s) on campus.

  • How do I submit a Student Referral Report?

    The reporting link is accessed via the "Faculty and Advisors" menu option of YCPWeb.  Log in to the MyYCP portal  using your York College username and password and select the YCPWeb icon to connect.  On YCPWeb, select the "Faculty and Advisors" menu option and locate the Student Referral Service link. Clicking the link will take you to a secure site to submit the Referral report.

    First, select the student in question. Next, when completing the form, note there are two distinct sections of the referral: one for students exhibiting difficulty in an academic or classroom environment and one for students in a non-academic environment (e.g. athletic team, residence hall, etc.). Once the referral form has been completed, click Submit.

    A copy of the referral will be received by the Point of Contact in the Academic Advising Center. The referring faculty/staff member will receive an automated email reply confirming receipt of the referral.

  • What happens to my referral?

    1. You will receive immediate email confirmation that your Referral report has been received by the Student Referral Service (SRS) Point of Contact.

    2. The student will receive a personal message from the SRS Point of Contact requesting a meeting to discuss the situation with the intent to seek positive action and create a plan for success. Depending upon the situation, the Point of Contact may refer the student to additional support offices (e.g. Counseling Services, Health Center, HOLD - Residence Life and Housing, Career Development Center, etc.) that will directly assist the student.

    3. At the student's request, the SRS Point of Contact will receive feedback from the support office to confirm their contact with the student.

    4. As the reporting faculty/staff member, you will be notified that a plan is in place.

    5. You will receive a follow-up email from the SRS Point of Contact several weeks following the intervention asking you to provide an update on the student's progress.

  • When can I submit a Referral report?

    Faculty/staff can submit a Referral report at any time.

  • Will my Referral be anonymous or will my identity be revealed?

    The Referral report requires that the faculty/staff member be identified to the Point of Contact in the Academic Advising Center. Beyond this, anonymity can be maintained as deemed necessary based upon the situation.

  • What about FERPA?

    The Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that affords students certain rights with respect to their educational records. As a faculty member, submitting a Student Referral report does not violate these rights. Campus officials, including faculty, staff, and administrators, may openly discuss a student's academic performance and any issue that may impact a student's academic success. This includes grades, academic standing, attendance, social and behavioral issues that may impact classroom performance, etc.