Spring on the York College campus

Student Referral Service

Realizing that the students who enrich our campus possess a unique variety of social, economic and geographic backgrounds, their successful transition to college and campus life may come with equally unique challenges, both in and out of the classroom. Our faculty are on the proverbial front line, witnessing our students as they confront these challenges.

The Student Referral Service is designed to:

  • provide an immediate and comprehensive reporting system for York College faculty so that the proper support services can be provided for students who are encountering academic or personal difficulties.
  • provide the necessary assistance to our students.

It is important to report any sign of academic difficulty, emotional instability, behavioral change or other concerning behaviors. Often times, with the appropriate intervention, students who are at risk of failing or dropping out of college can be helped if immediate support services are mobilized to address their needs.

For Faculty and Staff

For Students