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New Spartan Days

Academic and Student Life Orientation

New Spartan Days - Summer Orientation marks a major step where you are officially moving past high school and taking action as a York College of Pennsylvania student. From Day One, you will experience all that York has to offer and what better time to start than the summer before you begin your college career! You'll get to meet your new classmates and an orientation leader who will be your go-to person so that you're set up for success this fall. You'll also schedule classes. Take a look at our First-Year Seminar courses and find a few options so you can be prepared when it's time to schedule. First-Year Seminar is part of Generation Next, the academic pathway that will prepare you to enter your major and it is also a core course for any incoming first-year students.

Summer Orientation, which all incoming first-year students are expected to attend, will be held June 18 and 19, as well as June 22, 23, 25 and 26. This is a full-day program from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Your family is strongly encouraged to participate! If you have deposited, you should have received an email through the Admissions office with additional details and registration reminders. Information is below on the required placement exams you'll want to take before attending your New Spartan Day.

Fall Orientation Coordinators
New Spartan Days summer orientation for academic and student life at York College 2017
You'll have plenty of time to sit down and talk with upperclassmen about what to expect, what kind of classes to take, what you should bring to your residence hall and more.

There's so much to do for students and families What should you expect during New Spartan Days?

Your family will feel much more comfortable about you going to college once you attend New Spartan Days. Have they been freaking out a little? We’ll handle it, trust us. They get nervous about all of this, too! For family members, you will have access to top officials from offices and departments across campus. While past Admissions events gave you time to meet with academic departments, this is the perfect time to ask about the other side of college life, from accessibility concerns to paying for books to all we do to keep your student safe. You'll hear from a student panel - nothing is off limits - and get concrete details on what to do next. And for students, there are so many benefits:
  • Student Services Fair: Those questions you've had in the back of your mind about getting a job on campus, what to expect living in a residence hall, or what to know about buying books this fall? This is the place to get answers. Officials representing many campus offices will be available.
  • Getting your cell phone, tablet, or laptop registered with our YCP network before you even start classes this fall. (Think of how much easier that will make your first day here!)
  • Next-level discussions of college life: Get a better idea of what students do here and how you can fit in, plus hear from Student Affairs officials and students about what they think you should know this fall.
  • Register for classes: With the help of an academic advisor, you’ll leave with your schedule completed. How cool will that feel?

Everything you need to know about New Spartan Days

Placement tests, FAQs, and more
  • How do I view the New Spartan Days Schedule?

    New Spartan Days Schedule

    During New Spartan Days and Fall Orientation, Guidebook will be your interactive schedule and source of information. Get it in your App Store or Google Play Store today! Once downloaded, just search for "YCPorientation."
  • Language Placement

    Language Placement

    Students taking any beginning language course at York College should have no background in that language, or — in the case of French, German, and Spanish — should take the placement test: 1) if you have studied ANY French, German, or Spanish; OR 2) speak any of those languages at home; OR 3) learned one of those languages during a stay abroad. It is crucial, regardless of your major, that you take a language placement test to ensure you are placed at the course level giving you the greatest chance of success. Please take the exam before you arrive for New Spartan Days even if you do not have immediate plans to enroll in French, German, or Spanish course. Part of the reason we have students take the test now, even if you believe you won't have a major requirement, is because many students end up changing their major or minor throughout their college career. 

    How can I take the exam? 

    • Access the placement exam by visiting
    • Select the appropriate language
    • Provide your name, YCP ID number, and YCP email address (note that it's not your personal email address!)
    • Complete the short survey
    • Try the practice question. Once you submit your response, the real exam begins!

    What to expect with the exam:

    The testing process takes 20 minutes on average but can run shorter or longer. The exam should be taken in one sitting, so please set aside a block of 30 minutes for its completion. For your own benefit, you should not consult materials or other people to help with the exam. You want a true measure of your skills and needs!

    Please take the exam only once. If you are interrupted, you may continue where you left off by accessing the login page the same way you did when you started the test session. Be sure to enter your name and ID Number exactly the same way as you did when you started the exam. Click on "resume" and you will be able to continue the exam.

    What should I expect when taking the exam?

    Once you finish, you will receive the corresponding language course level. Your score will also be sent to the Registrar, your academic advisor, and the faculty teaching the language in which you took the exam. This will be your language level regardless of when you take the language at York College. Therefore, it is to your advantage to enroll in language courses before too much time has gone by to keep your knowledge fresh!

    I didn't take a foreign language in high school/I took an AP Language course. Should I still take the exam?

    Yes, we would still expect you to take the exam.

    How can I get credit for taking a language course at York College?

    If you take a language course at York that is below a course level you have previously taken, or below the level of your placement score, you will not receive credit for the course. (Exceptions with regard to placement based on test score can be made on an individual basis prior to taking a language course at the College.) In short, to get course credit you need to take a more rigorous course at York College than you have already achieved or than your skills indicate.

    What majors require foreign language study?

    Foreign language study is required of all students majoring in Literary and Textual Studies (English)Intelligence AnalysisInternational RelationsPhilosophyProfessional Writing, and Secondary Education - English.

    Does York College offer study abroad opportunities?

    Regardless of whether you take a foreign language course, you can improve your foreign language skills with study abroad! We offer mini-mester and full semester opportunities at dozens of countries for truly life-changing experiences.

    What if I have questions about the exam?

    Instructor of French
    World Languages Media Center Coordinator
  • Math Placement Test

    Math Placement Test

    York College offers several math courses tailored to prepare you for the quantitative activities you will pursue in your major. The mathematics placement test is designed to help determine which math course is right for you. Please take the exam before you arrive for New Spartan Days. Students must complete the exam before they can schedule classes.

    How can I take the exam? 

    What to expect with the exam:

    The testing process takes one hour, with two 30-minute sections. If you are interrupted, log out and you'll be able to resume where you left off. You may continue where you left off by going back to same Moodle page. You'll need to enter your MyYCP username and password and then click on "resume" and you will be able to continue the exam. If you believe you could earn a higher score, you may retake either part and the system will record your highest score.

    What should I expect when taking the exam?

    You will receive a score and the corresponding mathematics course, based on your chosen major, for which you are best prepared. This information is used at New Spartan Days when scheduling, so it is imperative you take this in advance of your orientation date.

    I don't have a math-related major/I took AP-level math in high school. Should I still take the exam?

    Yes, we would still need you to take the exam.

    What if I have questions about the exam?

    David Kaplan
    Mathematics Coordinator

  • FAQ

    FAQ for New Spartan Days

    Q: Do I have to register to attend New Spartan Days?
    A: Yes, registration for New Spartan Days opens on May 1 and all incoming freshmen students must register for one day. You do not, however, need to register for Fall Orientation. Just show up in August, and we will be ready for you! Transfer students who will not be freshmen this fall should not attend summer orientation.

    Q: Is a family member required to attend New Spartan Days? 
    A: No, but we encourage you to bring a parent or family member along. We have a full day of orientation for them as well. A maximum of two family members can attend. Families are also welcome on the first day of Fall Orientation but will be asked to leave at the conclusion of Academic Convocation in the afternoon.

    Q: What time should I expect to arrive and depart on New Spartan Day? 
    A: The New Spartan Day is a day-long program. Various sessions make up this program and range from welcome introductions to informational family sessions to advising and scheduling. Check-in begins at 9 a.m. You will have time between 9 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. to receive your welcome materials, check to make sure your myYCP login is working properly, visit the services fair, and enjoy some light refreshments. The first session will begin at 9:45 a.m. While students may be done as early as 3:30 p.m., the time can vary as each student will receive personalized assistance from a professional advisor. So, it is possible you may be visiting us a bit longer during your day.

    Q: Does it cost anything to attend New Spartan Days?
    A: No, we've got you covered! All meals and materials will be provided free of charge. The Bookstore will be open though if you are looking to stock up on some YCP gear!

    Q: What should I wear to New Spartan Days?
    A: Be casual! We recommend comfortable shoes for walking in between sessions, and appropriate clothing for air-conditioned buildings as well as sitting outside. 

    Q: Is there anything I need to bring to New Spartan Days?
    A: You may want to bring your own notebook and pen, but we will have folders and pens available with everything you need (and then some!). Otherwise, just bring your excitement and Spartan spirit!

    Q: Will I choose my own classes?
    A: Yes, with the assistance of our professional and student peer advisors, you will get to choose your own path! Every major, as well as undeclared students, have a suggested course sequence to follow and our trained advisors will guide you to make the appropriate class choices for your first semester.  

    Q: If I come on the last date of New Spartan Days, will there still be the same classes left to choose from?
    A: Yes, blocks of spaces will be available in classes on all eight dates of orientation. It is possible that some courses, such as those in First Year Seminar, may be full toward the end of New Spartan Days, so you may not always get your first choice. There is a course sequence recommended to follow for all majors, but you will have great choices regardless of which orientation date you choose!

  • What's next?

    I've registered. What's next after New Spartan Days?

    Fall Orientation is the next step of your orientation program.

    All first-year students will arrive the weekend prior to the start of classes in August. Residential students get to move into their rooms (with loads of help from our orientation move-in team!), and residential and commuter students get an action-packed weekend to kick off their collegiate career. You will get to experience an uplifting welcoming ceremony – the sea of orientation T-shirts is a sight to behold as you realize these are all of your new classmates! Meet with faculty and advisors in your intended major.

    You will also get to meet with your First-Year Seminar professors and peer mentor. To cut to the chase, we make every effort to make sure you feel at home. It will be a weekend you won't forget! Please check back in the coming weeks for additional details on dates/schedules for this action-packed weekend.

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