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Spring on the York College campus

Commuter Relations

Welcome, commuters! Since York College was founded, we’ve made it part of our mission to serve local students.

Even though York College has a residency requirement, we still have a sizeable commuter population — about one-third of our undergraduates commute to campus! We appreciate our local residents and their dedication each day to come to York. 

Whether you are a current student who commutes or you’re planning to do so in the future, know that we are committed to making your time at York every bit as meaningful, enjoyable and involving as anyone living on campus. There’s no need to feel left out!

We're excited to have commuters at York College.
We want commuters to be active in the exciting York College community.
  • What do other commuters say about attending York College?

    Hear it straight from recent YCP commuters, as told to our YC Magazine!

    Misty Parshall '15, Secondary Education-Mathematics major, Dover, PA

    Misty Parshall's '15 decision to come to York was influenced by the positive experiences of her two older sisters Melody '10 and Mandy '11, but she definitely owns her choice. "I skipped my senior year of high school and commuted to York College," she said, "but I still looked at other options before enrolling here. I decided to come here because I liked it."

    A member of three athletic teams – track, indoor track, and cross country – Parshall arrived on campus early in the morning and typically stayed until 9 or 10 p.m. throughout the academic year. Her days were filled by early-morning or late-afternoon practices, classes, and work as a math tutor, a classroom mentor (who holds exam review sessions and tutors students in Calculus II), and a tutor for local high school students. "My mom says I only come home to sleep," she joked.

    Parshall had friends on campus and spent time – including dinners and study sessions – with her teammates. She also participated in the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, and was very involved with her church. "That's an advantage of commuting," she said. "I can still participate in the activities around home that are important to me."

    Parshall planned to get her Master's degree in Education – maybe at York College – and teach in the local region. Getting an education degree from York, she believes, ensured a number of opportunities. "As an Education major, I came to York because of the strong program, which is pretty well-known in the area. York has taken the time to build a relationship between our Education department and nearby high schools and elementary schools."




    Asra Khan '15, Biology major, York New Salem, PA

    Asra Khan '15 was attracted to York College's "amazing Biology program." She also appreciated the college's strong relationship with York Hospital, which would provide her with opportunities for internships and volunteer experience in the health field. And she couldn't ignore the college's tuition, which is "amazing for a private college."

    Khan made connections inside and out of the classroom that made her feel a part of the college. She regularly attended group study sessions for most of her classes, and she was parliamentarian of the Commuter Club (a good platform to make connections with other organizations), a tutor and lab assistant for Chemistry, Public Relations Chair of the Pre-Med Society, and a sophomore senator in Student Senate. "I like dedicating time to various organizations, which helps me stay involved with the college and community," she said.

    Khan also spent a great deal of her time hanging out with resident students in the dining center and at student organizational activities." I know the area well, so I've taken my out-of-town friends to various local spots," she said at the time. Although Khan spends most of her time on campus —"I live seven miles away, but why go home when there's so much to do here?" — she does like the opportunity to "catch a break" at home when she needs a place to relax.

    Khan's plans for the future – medical or optometry school – will give her the chance to move away from home. For now, she is completely happy with her commuting experience. "People who feel like they're missing out are those who don't get involved," she said. "Through being actively involved on campus, I've met so many different types of people and have gained experiences that I will always remember."




    Keith Wiley '14, International Relations major, Red Lion, PA

    ‌Keith Wiley '14 had every intention of going away to college, but a spring visit to York College during his senior year of high school changed his mind. "The facilities were attractive, as well as the grounds," he said. "The atmosphere was welcoming, and each conversation I had – whether with student, faculty or professor – was engaging and enjoyable. With this experience in mind, and knowing it was a viable and growing institution with an MBA Program and many options for majors and minors, I knew where I belonged."

    As a commuting student, Wiley played an important role in the life of the College. A member of the Student Senate, he represented the organization – and his fellow students – on the Presidential Search Committee and on the Academic Senate (faculty governing organization) Student Welfare Committee. He was also a student intern at the Information Technology Help Desk, chair of the Student Senate's Student Services Committee, Vice President of the Model United Nations student organization, and an Orientation Leader.

    "The key to my feeling connected was getting involved," he said at the time. "As I grow, in many ways, the college also grows. Being involved with committees, organizations, and especially clubs, allows me to connect and express myself in boundless ways. Through such involvement, I have made close friends, professional friends, and developed relationships with professors and administrators."

    Wiley has some good advice for current and prospective commuting students: "Just get involved in any way possible!" He suggests seeking a job on campus, joining one of the 90+ student clubs and organizations, and attending campus events. "In the end, it is all about being open-minded and willing to explore and seek things out that are of interest to you," he said. A final hint from Wiley: "Eliminate the perspective that a commuting student typically comes and leaves the College like a job, because at York this is not the case at all! Opportunity is there, just reach for it."

  • Where do I get my parking pass?

    All parking on campus is by permit only. You must have your permit on display at all times.

    Commuters may purchase their parking pass by following these steps.

  • Where can I go in between classes to relax, study, or use a microwave?

    Campus has a variety of locations where commuters can relax in between classes, study, or grab a bite to eat, it depends on what you want to do! Here is a list of the most popular spaces. The library, Grumbacher, and the Spart's Den lounge are always good options.

    You'll find microwaves and vending machines in most buildings on campus.

    Spart's Den

    Perhaps the most well-known hang-out on campus, Spart's Den offers it all. Visit the Office of Student Activities to borrow pool equipment, board games, or a game console. Swing in Spart's Den to grab lunch or dinner.
    Location: Lower Level of the Student Union
    Hours: 6 a.m.-midnight
    Accommodations: Cafe, Lounge furniture, Outlet access, TVs, Pool Tables, Computers

    MacDougal Lounge

    MacDougal Lounge is one of the newer stops for Commuters in between classes. With plans to upgrade the space soon, MacDougal currently offers a quiet out of the way space where you can charge your phone, watch TV, or do some last minute studying.
    Location: Lower Level of the Student Union
    Hours: 6 a.m.-midnight
    Lounge Furniture, Outlet access, TVs, Computers (PC and Mac), Printers, Desks, Quiet Study Area


    For quick in between class stops, Pura Vida offers a bit of everything. grab a bite from the cafe, or stop to check your email.
    Location: 2nd floor of the Humanities Building
    Hours: 6 a.m.-midnight
    Accommodations: Cafe (open various hours), Lounge Furniture, Computers (PC), Tables

    Schmidt Library

    Schmidt Library has many computer workstations, study areas, and open study lounges open for student use. For a quiet space to spend time between classes, the Library is for you.
    Location: All Levels of Schmidt Library
    Hours: 8 a.m.-2 a.m. (abbreviated hours on weekends)
    Accommodations: Lounge furniture, Outlet access, Computers (PC and Mac), Printers, Desks, Vending machines, Reservable Study Rooms

    Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center

    If a traditional lounge is not what you're looking for. Grumbacher offers a fully furnished facility where you can go between or after classes. The locker rooms offer security for your belongings while you work out, and shower facilities for use before you go about your day. All students have access to Grumbacher with their ID card.
    Location: Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center (West Campus)
    Hours: 6am-11pm (abbreviated hours on weekends)
    Accommodations: Lounge Furniture, Vending Machines, Fitness Facilities, Locker Room Facilities

    West Campus Community Center Lounge

    Located in the West Campus Community Center by the entrance to the West Campus Dining Hall. This lounge is equipped with both Mac and PC computers, TV's and lounge furniture.
    Location: West Campus Community Center (West Campus)
    Hours: 6 a.m.-11 p.m.
    Accommodations: Lounge Furniture, Close Access to Dining Facilities, Computers, Printing, TV's


  • Where can I park on Campus?

    There are three main parking areas for commuters on campus. The parking garage and designated surrounding areas, the Penn/Beard Lot, and the West Campus Commuter Lot. If you choose the West Campus lot, the campus shuttle makes regular trips between main and west campus for convenience.View a Parking Map Central Campus

  • How will I know if my class is canceled, or if the campus is closed?

    If your class is canceled, you will be notified by the individual professor. 

    If campus is closed, you will be notified by the college.

    We recommend checking your email before you begin your trip to campus, as a common rule of thumb. Also, we strongly encourage you to sign-up for the campus alert system. The campus alert system is the official means of communication of campus closings and emergencies. The college's official Twitter (@yorkcollegepa) and Facebook (/yorkcollegepa) accounts also are updated almost immediately when an inclement weather decision is made. Administrators usually decide on a weather-related schedule adjustment, if needed, well ahead of when most commuters need to get on the road the morning of bad weather. But be patient! Everyone has unique circumstances we have to consider, and we try to get the most up-to-date information possible.

    If you don't see an announcement, the schedule is as usual. But if you feel like your area would be dangerous to drive, please contact your professors (it's your responsibility to let them know if you can't make it). Safety is the most important thing. 

  • Where can I eat on campus?

    There are several dining options on campus for all YCP students:

    Also within walking distance are a variety of local restaurants, many of which accept flex dollars:

    • Subway
    • Kisho Sushi
    • Colonial Coffee Shop
    • Deli Delicious
    • Azteca Mexican Grill
    • Parma Pizza
    • Rutter's
Fun events sponsored by Campus Activities Board? You're welcome to them!

The single best thing commuters can do: Get connected

We get it. It's pretty easy to come to class ten minutes before it starts (or ten minutes after on those why-is-there-so-much-traffic days), grab a quick bite, go to another class and go home. But that's not a college experience you'll remember. You have so many opportunities at your fingertips. You could use our lounge space, study with classmates, and more. Here are a few tips:
  • Attend Campus Events- CAB produces over 80 events per semester. Yes, most are in the evening, but you're welcome to come! Also, try ExCEL Leadership series, or a Cultural Series event.
  • Eat on Campus- You don't have to live on campus to have the convenience of a meal plan. Consider a small meal plan and join your friends in both dining halls. It couldn't get more convenient!
  • Consider a Job on Campus- Working in a campus office is a great way to meet people, add resume-building skills and pay the bills at the same time. Check early and often on Spartan Career Path.
  • Join us at Commuter Roundtables- Through out the semester we hold commuter roundtables so you can meet other commuters and enjoy lunch for FREE! Seats are limited so watch for invitations.
  • Join a Student Organization- Student organizations are one of the most popular ways to get involved. With over 100 student clubs and organizations you are sure to find one (or five!) to join.
Contact Us
Commuter Programming
Tamah Amrom, M.A., Associate Director of Student Activities and Orientation
Iosue Student Union, 205
Phone: 717.815.1239
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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