Spring on the York College campus

Residence Life for New Students

Welcome to our campus!

As you prepare to move in and join our community, we want to ease the transition.  Here is how to start the process, what you may pack - and more importantly, what you may not pack.  While you reviewing our frequently asked questions will answer most of your inquiries, the lists below will offer some guidance as welll.  

Please review the documents on this page regarding arrival times, packing lists, housing break dates and much more.  Make sure to complete our Alcohol Wise and Spartan Oath and Citizenship online programs (2016-2017) - it's a requirement for incoming students. You'll be contacted about these before you move in!

A glimpse inside a Penn Hall dorm room at York College
What can you bring? What should you expect? We can help answer your questions regarding our residence halls for new students such as Penn Hall.
Families moving in their freshmen on new student day 2015 at York College.
Remember: The classic new student mistake is bringing way more than you need! It's easier to bring more later than discover you brought too much.

Our suggested packing lists The "Should I bring this? Is this allowed?" new student packing guide

Before you go buy stuff for your room, check these lists first. More importantly, you can see what NOT to bring! You'll also see information from our partnering vendors. If you're interested, this is where you can rent a micro-fridge and get linens guaranteed to fit our size requirements/bed size.