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Everything you need to know about residence life at York College.
FAQs about Residence Life at York College

Have questions? We have answers.Residence Life FAQ

  • How does the College supervise the residence halls?

    The Office of Residence Life carefully selects student leaders to be Resident Assistants (RAs) for each residence hall.  The primary role of an RA is to assist in creating a living-learning experience for all residents. RAs help promote acceptable standards of living, community responsibility, and group interaction within the residence hall.  RAs serve as a liaison between students and the College administration and share directly in the responsibility of upholding College policies and regulations. RAs serve a part of an on-call rotation, wherein each area of campus has at least two RAs on-duty every night of the week. While the RA enforces policy in the halls, students are expected to be considerate of one another, respect public and private property, and practice self-discipline. College policies are in place for the growth, development and protection of all students. The atmosphere in each residence should enrich student growth and development, and should play a positive role in the student’s total educational experience.

    In addition to RAs, each residential complex (West Campus, North Campus, Manor and Penn/Beard) has an Area Coordinator or Resident Director (AC/RD).  This individual is a “live-in” professional staff member who coordinates and supervises the overall operation of the complex and is immediately responsible to the Assistant Director’s of Residence Life. General functions of the Area Coordinator/Resident Director include ensuring the security of the hall, its residents, and guests, as well as the maintenance and cleanliness of the facility. Duties also include the execution of complete and efficient office and desk services, representing student needs in policy making and evaluation of the Residence Life program, and developing and coordinating social and educational experiences with students to supplement their academic work. Area Coordinators/Resident Directors also serve as judicial hearing officers in conduct hearings for code of conduct violations. 

  • Who is my Area Coordinator or Resident Director?

    Choose the 'contact us' link on the Residence Life web page. 

  • What kind of security is there?

    The Department of Campus Safety is located in the lobby of Manor Northeast. The department operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please visit the Campus Safety web page for more information regarding safety information and services their office provides.

    Additionally, Resident Assistants are on-duty for each residential complex every night and weekend.  A Residence Life professional staff member is also on-call 24 hours a day for emergencies. We always encourage students to contact Campus Safety in the event of an emergency at 717.815.1314.

  • What are the housing options offered by YCP?

    York College has many different living options from traditional halls and suites, to apartments and houses. For more specific details about each residence hall, please go to the On-Campus Housing Options page. Then click on the particular hall in which you are interested.

  • What is co-ed housing?

    Male and female students are housed in the building by floor, suite, or apartment. An example of co-ed housing would be males on the first floor, females on the second floor, and males on the third floor.

    Additionally, the College offers a co-ed living option within our Independent Living area (Country Club Manor apartments).  These apartments may be co-ed, but individual bedrooms must be single-gender.

  • What happens if I don’t get along with my roommate?

    Students are expected to take primary responsibility for ensuring the development and maintenance of a positive roommate relationship. Students are strongly encouraged to invest themselves fully in working together to resolve differences by speaking directly to roommates, sharing concerns, expressing feelings in an honest manner, and jointly resolving conflict.

    In some cases, a roommate may be unresponsive or difficult to approach. In either situation, the student should seek help from their Resident Assistant or their Area Coordinator/Resident Director. Residence hall staff members can assist students in expressing themselves to their roommates or in negotiating a roommate contract.

  • What comes in the room?

    Items typically included in all rooms are beds, dressers, closets, desks, mirrors, chairs, towel racks/hook, and blinds. 

    All traditional hall double rooms offer each student a bed, a desk, a desk chair, a wardrobe with drawers, a mirror, a towel-rack/hook, a desk light, blinds which are pre-hung on the windows, and wireless networking.

    Your bed is a twin-sized extra-long mattress (36x80) on a 3-foot adjustable loft bed. The loft bed may be adjusted from approximately 4 inches off the ground to approximately 27 inches high. The College does not provide linen service, so you will need to provide your own bed linens (sheets, blankets, pillows, pillowcases, etc.).

    In lieu of a wardrobe with drawers, some traditional halls will have an open closet with drawers. Windows are typically 4’ wide by 5’8" high and the bedrooms are typically 12’ wide by 16’ long. You may bring curtains. We recommend that you bring a tension rod and command strips to hang them.  

    *Each building varies slightly in amenities and style of furniture.

  • Am I required to have a meal plan?

    Students living in traditional or suite style housing are automatically assigned a 225 meal plan.  This is a full meal plan that allows students to eat 15 meals per week for the semester.  You have the opportunity to change your plan to the 165 Advantage, 225 Advantage or the Ultimate Plan.  More information about each plan can be found at or on the Business Office website. Meal Plans can be used at “all you care to eat” dining facilities.  Meals cannot be used in retail locations, but dining points can.

    Students living in college-owned apartments and houses, off-campus, or commuting from home may choose to enroll in one of the full meal options or choose one of the block reservations.

    Meal plans may be selected or changed through the student's YCPWeb or through the Business Office.

  • May I rent a refrigerator and or a microwave?

    Yes, microfridge units are available for rent through Campus Specialties, Inc. You may bring one mini-fridge per room (3.6 cubic feet and 1.5 amps or less) if you live in the traditional halls, however, you must rent a microfridge combo unit if you wish to have a microwave in your room. Many traditional halls have a microwave available in the lobby of the building for all residents to use. 

    Those students who live in an apartment may bring their own microwave or microfridge. Microwaves must be 700 watts or less. Only one microfridge or one mini-fridge is permitted per bedroom.

  • How do I connect to Wifi?

    Please contact the LTS Help Desk for more information at or 717.815.1559.

  • What is my mailing address?

     York College of Pennsylvania
    Attn: Student Name
    Name of Residence Hall, Box #
    441 Country Club Rd.
    York, PA 17403-3651
    *Please refer to the Mail Services page for current addresses.


  • May I stay in my hall during college breaks? May I come back early or stay late?

    If you need to stay during any College break, you must fill out the Break Request form by the deadline.  The Break Request form can be accessed through the myYCP portal announcements or on the Residence Life webpage.  Late requests will not be accepted.  Permission is not guaranteed and will be confirmed by YCP email.  Students who are found on-campus and have not been approved to stay will be required to leave immediately and may face disciplinary action.

  • Can I have Visitors or Overnight Guests?

    Visitation in student rooms is permitted on the basis of the schedule and regulations below:

    Sunday-Wednesday, 12 p.m.-1 a.m.
    Thursday-Saturday, 12 p.m.-2 a.m.

    All guests must be escorted in and around the building by their host resident at all times. From 12 p.m. until closing, all guests must sign in and out at the front desk of the lobby (if applicable). Photo identification must be left (college ID, driver's license, etc.). Residents are responsible for informing their guests of policies, rules, and regulations. Students will be held accountable for their guest’s behavior. These policies extend to facilities without front desks as well. All non-student guests must be 18 years or older unless with their parent/guardian.

    York College resident students may have overnight guests of the same gender in their room provided there is permission from all of their roommates and the Area Coordinator/Resident Director for that residence hall. Guests of the opposite gender may stay overnight, but must make arrangements to stay in a room of their same gender. The Area Coordinator/Resident Director must be notified at least 48 hours in advance of the guest's arrival. Guest visits are limited to no more than two (2) consecutive nights. Any one room may host no more than two (2) guests at any time.

    Student hosts are responsible for their guests who are expected to observe College regulations during their stay on campus. Other occupants of rooms where a guest is requested must approve the arrangements prior to submitting the guest form(s) to the Area Coordinator/Resident Director. Please consult the student handbook for the full policy.


  • Who cleans my room?

    Each student is responsible for cleaning his/her own room or apartment. The College reserves the right to have rooms cleaned by the custodial staff and/or to initiate disciplinary proceedings against students who do not respond to requests to upgrade the condition of their rooms or apartments. Any charges incurred would be billed directly to the student. Student in small houses share the responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness of the house.

  • May I bring my car? Where would I park?

    Students can bring their car. However, it must have a YCP registration tag which is available through the Department of Campus Safety. More information regarding parking regulations may be found by visiting the Campus Safety web page.

  • Where can I store my bike?

    There are bike racks outside each residence hall or within close proximity and throughout campus. Bikes may not be stored within residence halls, attached to trees or lamp posts. Make sure you register your bicycle with Campus Safety too!

    Northside Commons includes an indoor bike storage room that can be utilized by Northside residents.  Passes can be purchased for a minimal amount through Campus Safety.

    Country Club Manor garages 20 & 21 also have a covered bike storage area.

  • What and when are quiet hours?

    It is the policy of York College that the residence facilities will be reasonably quiet at all times. Each hall establishes a schedule of hours when restrictions on noise are maintained above and beyond the College quiet hours. This is to ensure privacy, to maintain respect for the rights of others, and to encourage an academic environment. Students are expected to abide by courtesy hours at all times, meaning that they should be courteous to neighbors above, below, beside and down the hall from them by not making noise so as to disturb them. Further, if they are asked to reasonably lower their noise level at any time, they should do so. Quiet hours are seven days a week from 10:00 p.m. – 10:00 a.m.. When many students are sleeping or studying, residents should be especially quiet and keep their noise level low enough so as not to disturb other students.

    The Residence Life Office supports the philosophy of final examinations and a finals week each semester. You will be asked to abide by the following quiet hours so that the integrity of finals week can be maintained for all students. These hours will be strictly enforced. Quiet hours are 24 hours beginning 10 p.m. the night before Reading Day.

  • What happens when a student violates a campus policy or local, state, federal law?

    For complete and detailed information regarding the student code of conduct, conduct process, sanctioning, and appeal process, please refer to the student code of conduct

  • What not to bring
    • Microwaves may only be rented as part of the microfridge combo unit for traditional halls and suites (i.e. Manor Complex, Penn, Beard, Codorus, Northside Commons, and Little Run Lodge) *Only apartments and houses may bring one microwave that is less than 700 watts for the kitchen area.
    • Refrigerators larger than 3.6 ft2, 1.5 amps
    • Candles, Incense, Lava Lamps, or any substance to be burned
    • Cooking Appliances - coffee maker, hot plate, blenders, George Foreman grill (Small cooking appliances are permitted in house and apartment settings.)
    • Darts/Dartboard
    • Pets (except fish- no larger than a 10-gallon tank)
    • Halogen Lamps
    • Space Heaters
    • Air-conditioners of any kind
    • Weapons and/or Explosives –including paintball and airsoft guns, firecrackers, and any combustible materials
    • Alcohol Beverages (CCM residents should review the Independent Living Policy)
    • Alcohol Paraphernalia- including decorative empty bottles
    • Illegal Drugs and Paraphernalia
    • Adhesive, Nails, and Screws that may damage any building surface
    • Construction and/or Street Signs
    • Amplifiers

    This list is not intended to be comprehensive. For more information on what to bring/what not to bring, please refer to the Conditions Of Occupancy in the Housing Policy.

  • May I smoke in my bedroom, suite, or apartment?

    No. It is the policy of York College that students, faculty, and staff are entitled to study and work in areas that are free of second-hand smoke and litter from tobacco products. Therefore, smoking and chewing are prohibited in all campus facilities.  


  • Are pets allowed?

    Fish are the only pets permitted in the residence halls.  Fish must be contained in a tank no larger than 10 gallons. No other pet or animal of any type are allowed to stay, even as “guests.” If someone has a pet (other than fish) they will be subject to disciplinary action. This restriction also pertains to any strays that might be found (i.e. cats, dogs, etc.). In addition, lab specimens are also prohibited.

  • May I have alcohol on-campus? What if I’m 21?

    Alcohol is not permitted in residential facilities, except for the designated Independent Living community (see Independent Living guidelines). No student or guest under the age of 21 is permitted to possess or consume alcohol, at any time. Please see the Student Code of Conduct for more information.

    The Independent Living communities, Country Club Manor and Brockie Commons Apartments, are coordinated by the Office of Residence Life. The Office has established policies and standards of behavior for this community in accordance with York College’s mission. The goal of this community is to provide a safe on-campus living arrangement for legal age students to remain on campus where they may responsibly consume alcoholic beverages.

  • What should I do if my belongings are lost or stolen on campus?

    Students are responsible for their personal items. If your items are missing, please contact Campus Safety as soon as possible. York College of Pennsylvania cannot accept any responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen personal property.

  • What should I do if I break or lose my keys?

    If you need a new key please visit the Residence Life Office, Student Union, Room 307, to submit a Key Replacement Request form.

    Lost/stolen keys have a key replacement cost of $50.00 for the lock change and $2 for each roommate key that needs to be replaced. A mailbox key replacement is $10.00. All costs will be billed to the student submitting the Key Replacement Request form and can be paid at the Business Office.

    Broken keys are replaced at no cost. However, you must return the broken key to the Residence Life Office. Otherwise, you will be charged as though it were a lost or stolen key.

  • How much is laundry and where is it?

    Each hall/complex has laundry facilities.  Some are centrally located in the building while others are located on individual floors or an adjacent building.  One wash cycle costs $1.00 and a dry cycle costs $1.25.  Flex cards must be used for all washers and dryers on campus except in the Pershing, Kieffer, Curry, Arnold, Wenger and Newberry houses.  The cost of laundry is incorporated into the cost of the house.  You can add more flex dollars to your card at the Business Office in the Miller Administration building or by visiting the YCP Flex Card Webpage.

    If a washer or dryer is not working properly, please contact CSC Service Works directly via CSC app or by calling them directly at 844.272.9675


  • What should I do if something in my room breaks and I need to submit a Work Request?

    In order to submit a Facility Services work order, please log in to MyYCP and click on the Footprints icon. Choose the Service Catalog tab, double click on Facilities, and select the category of the service or issue you would like to report. You can also send an email to or call during normal business hours 717.815.1351

    If you have a work order emergency after hours, please contact the Department of Campus Safety at 717.815.1314.  When reporting an issue, please be as detailed as possible.  Include your name, contact information, where you live on-campus, description of the problem, the location of the issue, and if anyone else is affected.

    *Emergencies are typically a broken pipe, flooded bathroom, no heat in extremely low temperatures, etc... Light bulbs that are no longer working should wait until the next business day to be repaired.

  • What should I do if the internet or cable is not working properly?

    If your internet or cable isn’t working properly, please contact the LTS Help Office at or 717.815.1559.  When reporting an issue, please be as detailed as possible.  Include your name, contact information, description of the problem, the location of the issue and if anyone else is affected.  

  • Who may I contact if the vending machines are not working properly?

    The Office of Student Activities administers refunds for all on-campus vending machines and schedules repairs.

  • Submit a Work Request

    In order to submit a Facility Services work order, please log in to MyYCP and click on the Footprints icon. Choose the Service Catalog tab, double click on Facilities, and select the category of the service or issue you would like to report. 

Contact Us
Residence Life
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Phone: 717.815.1281
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Semester Hours
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Summer Hours (May-August)
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Emergencies: Contact Campus Safety at 717.815.1314

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