Spring on the York College campus

Residence Life Information for Current Students

Everything you need to know about what to expect in upperclassman housing.

As a returning student, you have the opportunity to choose your roommates and housing for next academic year.  You may be choosing to live in a different building, so you may need to re-think what to bring back to campus.  Below you will find answers regarding room selection, college break openings and closings, the residence halls, packing lists, and more.

Friends hanging out inside Northside Commons at York College
Moving to a different residence hall and need to know what's allowed? You'll find answers here.
Springtime on the York College campus - a look at some of our residence halls

Our suggested packing lists The "Should I bring this?" Is this allowed?" packing guides

Before you go buy stuff for your place, review these lists first. More importantly, you can see what NOT to bring!

Timeline and Descriptions Returning Student Room and Roommate Selection

  • February 1-March 15, 2017 - Housing Deposits and Housing Contracts Accepted

    Housing deposits may be paid online when the Fall 2017 tuition deposit is paid or directly with the Business Office.  Click here for directions on how to pay online.  For questions regarding payment, please contact the Business Office at businessoffice@ycp.edu or (717) 815-1470.

    Once the housing deposit is accepted, you will be eligible to complete the housing contract online.  The housing housing contract needs to be completed before March 15, 2017, in order to participate in housing selection and, if applicable, to have your off-campus request form reviewed.  To complete your housing contract, please follow these steps:

    • Log into MyYCP
    • Click on the 'house' icon on the left to enter into the MyHousing program
    • Two tabs will appear
      • Apply Online - This is where you complete your housing contract.  You should complete the returning student application.  Please be sure to read the housing contract so that you continue to be familiar with YCP housing policies.
      • MyHousing - This is where you will view your assignment, see roommate requests (after March 16), and other housing information.
  • February 1-February 24, 2017 - Resident Commuter (off-campus) Applications Accepted

    Students who have earned at least 75 credits by the end of the Fall 2016 semester, paid the housing deposit, and completed the housing contract may apply for Resident Commuter (off-campus) status for Fall 2017.

    Click here for more information regarding the Resident Commuter status, including may you sign a lease now, how likely is it that you will be released, what if I miss the February 24, 2017 deadline?

    If you are eligible to apply for Resident Commuter status, please follow these steps:

    • Log into MyYCP
    • Click on the 'house' icon on the left to enter the MyHousing program
    • Two tabs will appear
      • Click on Apply Online - not only is this where you should complete your on-campus housing contract, but also complete your off-campus request application.

    Approvals or denials will be sent to your YCP email address closer to mid-April.

  • February 1-March 15, 2017 - Commuter Application Available

    Commuters are those students who reside at the legal residence of their parent/guardian within a 35-mile radius of the campus.

    If you are a current resident who would like to commute beginning Fall 2017, please complete the online commuter application.

    Click here for more information regarding commuter status.

  • February 22, 2017 - Housing Contract Holds Placed on Resident Student Accounts

    If a resident student has not yet paid the housing deposit and completed the on-campus housing contract, a Housing Contract hold will be placed on their student account.  The Housing Contract hold will prevent a student from registering for summer and fall classes.  To have the hold removed from the student's account, the student will need to ensure their housing deposit is paid and their on-campus housing contract is completed.

  • February 24, 2017 - Resident Commuter (off-campus) Request Application Due Date!

    If you would like to be considered to live off-campus as a Resident Commuter beginning Fall 2017, your online form is due today!

    Late applications will not be accepted.

  • March 6 - March 15, 2017 - Squatter's Rights Form Available

    Students currently living in on-campus apartments, Little Run Lodge suites, Evergreen, Laurel, Willow, Northside Commons and Manor Hall Northeast may apply to stay in their current space if they are able to fill their current room/suite/apartment with students who are eligible to participate in housing selection.  First year students requesting to remain in their Northside Commons space may be moved to an upperclassman space with the same occupancy.

    Squatter's Rights Form

    • Only student who have paid their housing deposit and submitted their housing contract by the March 15, 2017, deadline are eligible to elect to stay in their current space or fill a space in another squatter's area.  Students with financial holds may become eligible for squatter's rights if their balance is paid by the March 15, 2017, deadline.
    • Forms are available online only.
    • Only one person who currently lives in the apartment/suite/room needs to complete this form.  Please do not submit multiple forms.  If multiple forms are received for the same area, squatter's rights may not be granted.
    • Between March 16 and 19, 2017, please ensure that all potential roommates are matched in MyHousing.  This ensures that all students have agreed to live with each other.
    • You may retain your same apartment/suite/room ONLY if ALL spaces in the area are filled eligible students.  If you cannot fill all of the spaces in the area, you lose the right to retain it and must continue through housing selection.

    Students will receive approvals and denials via their YCP email.  If approved, you will no longer need to continue through housing selection as you will already be assigned to the requested space.

  • March 15, 2017 - Housing Deposit, Housing Contract, Commuter Request, and/or Squatter's Rights is Due!

    March 15, 2017, is the day that the following items are due.

    • Housing Deposit*
    • Housing Contract*
    • Commuter Request (late forms not accepted)
    • Squatter's Rights (late forms not accepted)

    *Please note:

    • Students who pay their housing deposit and submit their housing contract by March 15, 2017, will receive a primary lottery number.
    • Students who pay their housing deposit and/or submit their housing contract between March 15 and April 5, 2017, will receive a secondary lottery number.  These students will not be able to select housing until after the primary lottery numbers have the opportunity.
    • Students who do not pay their housing deposit and/or do not submit their housing contract until after April 5, 2017, will not be eligible to participate in room and roommate selection.  These students will receive their housing placement by July 3, 2017, for the fall semester.
  • March 16 - April 28, 2017 - Roommate Matching!

    All students wishing to live together must reciprocally approve each other.

    Adding and Reminding Roommate Requests

    • Log into MyYCP.
    • Click on the 'house' icon on the left to enter the MyHousing program.
    • Two tabs appear, click on the MyHousing tab to see roommate requests.
    • In the top left, click on the Room Selection menu.
    • Select the Roommate Selection link.
    • Search for a potential roommate to request by using their name or email (only students that have paid a deposit and completed a housing contract will be eligible within the search).
    • Click Request Student as Roommate.
    • This student is added to your list of Confirmed Future Roommate Requests.  They will receive an email saying that you have added them as a potential roommate. Note that the status will be "DOES NOT MATCH" until the student confirms your request. When accepted, it will change to "MATCH".
    • Repeat to add more potential roommates.
    • (Optional) You may remind a potential roommate of your request at any time by clicking the Remind button located on the confirmed Future Roommate Requests table.

    Confirming a Roommate Request

    • Log into MyYCP.
    • Click on the 'house' icon on the left to enter the MyHousing program.
    • Two tabs appear, click on the MyHousing tab to see roommate requests.
    • In the top left, click on the Room Selection menu.
    • Select the Roommate Selection link.
    • Look at the Unconfirmed Roommate Request table.  The status of potential roommates will be "DOES NOT MATCH".
    • Click Add if you wish to confirm that roommate request.  You may also choose Decline.
    • A new table will appear as Confirmed Future Roommate Requests and the status of the student will now say "MATCH".

    Removing a Roommate Request

    • Log into MyYCP.
    • Click on the 'house' icon on the left to enter the MyHousing program.
    • Two tabs appear, click on the MyHousing tab to see roommate requests.
    • In the top left, click on the Room Selection menu.
    • Select the Roommate Selection link.
    • Look at the Confirmed Future Roommate Requests table.  This outlines all roommate requests and any confirmed as "MATCH".
    • Click on Remove to cancel a roommate request.
    • An email will be sent to the student to inform them that the request was removed.
    • If you a remove a roommate from your list, they must also acknowledge the change.
  • April 7, 2017 - Lottery Numbers Posting by 5 p.m.

    Lottery numbers for all eligible student participants will be posted in MyHousing after 5 p.m.

  • April 19-28, 2017 - Room Selection Days

    How to Select a Placement

    Students will be eligible to select a room as soon as their lottery time opens if the student has all roommate preferences MATCHed, any roommate requests not MATCHed are removed from your request queue, and there are no holds on the student account which includes housing and financial holds.

    • Log into MyYCP
    • Click on the 'house' icon on the left to enter the MyHousing program.
    • Two tabs appear, click on the MyHousing tab.
    • In the top left, click on the Room Selection menu.
    • Select the Select a Room/Suite link.
    • If you are eligible to select a room, click on the Find Available Rooms button.
    • A list of all available rooms that match the occupancy of the number of your potential MATCHed roommates will appear.
    • When you locate a future room, click on the Select Room or Select Suite button next to the room or any of the rooms in the suite, house or apartment.
      • Please note that this does NOT lock-in your selection nor absolutely guarantee the availability of the room to you.  In some cases when multiple groups are choosing they may attempt to select the same space.  The first group to confirm will have rights to the space regardless of lottery number.
    • Confirm/Book the beds and rooms for each person by selecting them from a drop-down menu by each available space.
    • Click Submit Room Selection to verify your selection and confirm your room booking.
      • If the room is still available, you will get a screen that congratulates you on completing your room selection process.
      • If the room is now unavailable, you will get a screen that has a link to redirect you back to available room choices.
    • When you confirm booking and selection of a room, you have completed your housing selection and will receive an email with your housing assignment.

    Choose your space carefully!  No room changes will be made during room selection.

    Contingency Plans

    If a space of your desired group size is no longer available, you will need to break down your group into smaller groups or add a person by using your contingency plans.  Please note that all students in the group will need to remove or add the necessary roommate matches.  You may then select rooms based on this new group size.

    The Office of Residence Life strongly recommends that all students have multiple back-up options in the event that their first choice of housing isn't available or they are left out of a group at the time of room selection.