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Spring on the York College campus

Student Scheduling Timetable

To register for classes as a matriculated student:

Take these steps:

  • login to the MyYCP portal;

  • select the For Students

  • select YCPWeb

  • select Student Services

  • select Registration, then Add/Drop Classes.
    Note: Registration is subject to a paid deposit and clearance from any holds on your account.

  • Undergraduate students
    The timetable has been developed based on the number of undergraduate credits passed at the end of Fall 2017 (see black boxes on timetable) and 1st letter of last name. Students may register at their appointed time or anytime thereafter.
    All Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 newly matriculated students (freshmen, transfer and readmits) MUST see their Academic Advisor BEFORE registering for classes. For these students, registration will not be permitted until Academic Advisor approval has been issued.

  • Graduate students may register on the first day at the first time slot.


Registration Timetable

Important Error Messages

  • Possible error messages matriculated students using myYCP may experience:

    Class or section is closed - 
    When you have submitted your CRNs and a class is closed, you will receive a message telling you that the class or section is closed. You may petition the course instructor to overload you into their class but they are not obligated to add you. If they do grant you permission for an overload, you need to have it in writing along with permission from the department chair. Both signatures need to be submitted to the Registrar's Office so that the class can be manually added to your schedule.

    Time conflict with (10001) - You have already registered for a class that meets at the same time.

    Preq and Test Score - Error - There are pre-requisites for this class which you have not yet completed.

    Corq_(PSC152) req - This class requires a co-requisite to be taken at the same time. Example: PSC152 lecture and PSC153 lab.

    Dup Crse with Sec -(10887) - You have attempted to register for the same section of a class more than once.

    Major Restriction - This class is restricted to students within certain majors.

    Class Restriction - You must be a certain class level (ie. junior, senior) to register for this course.

    Maximum Hours Exceeded - You have attempted to register for more credits than you are allowed to take. Please contact the Registrar's Office for further assistance.

    Pass/Fail and Audit classes - You will be able to register for Pass/Fail or Audit classes by clicking on the highlighted Grade Mode and adjusting or selecting the grade mode accordingly. You can also navigate to Change Class Options and select Pass/Fail or Audit for the appropriate class(es).

    Credit Load Information - Part-time students may register for up to 11.5 credits. Full-time students must register for a minimum of 12 credits. There is a flat tuition fee for 12 - 18 credits with additional fees starting at 18.5 credit hours. Students with a 3.0 cumulative GPA may register for up to 21 credit hours per semester upon payment of the appropriate additional fees.

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