Spring on the York College campus

YCPWeb For Parents

Students may enable access to important information pertaining to grades, eBills, etc., using the YCPWeb for Parents portal. Once enabled, the student’s designee may develop their own proxy account and thereby access information including warning grades and final grades and access the College’s eBill system for on-line deposit and tuition payments. The student must set up the account using the designee’s email address and a PIN. The student determines and authorizes what information is available to view by the designee.

Account Creation

Students set up the account using the parent email address and a PIN. The student determines and authorizes what information is available to view by the parent.

  1. The student must create an account by entering the parent's email address. The student then authorizes the page that a parent can access. An email will be sent to the parent with further instructions to complete the setup of the parent proxy account.
  2. The parent, after receiving the email, will use the Initial Login URL and the one-time Action Password provided to establish their own PIN for subsequent logins to YCPWeb for Parents. After establishing a PIN, complete the parent profile data including phone number and permanent address.
  3. Please visit Overview of Parent Proxy for complete instructions.

*QUICK-TIP: After setting up the PIN, bookmark and use the YCPWeb for Parents URL for future logins.

Thank you for using YCPWeb for Parents!

Notification of Student Records and College Matters

FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children’s education records. These rights transfer to the student when he or she reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level. Students to whom the rights have transferred are “eligible students.”

While federal law restricts the information we can share, we recognize the important role parents and families play in supporting their student’s education. Our mission is to encourage students to become careful, critical and independent thinkers and decision-makers. And, like parents and families, we want to guide students toward good decisions. Ultimately, our primary relationship lies directly with the student, as they are responsible for their education, their choices, and for meeting their own graduation requirements.

So that we can be effective partners in guiding the student’s academic journey, York College encourages students to openly and candidly discuss their educational experiences with parents and families. Only with such open, honest dialog can parents and families fully support their student and help guide them to appropriate resources. While York College will not notify parents or legal guardians of student grades, academic actions, and financial matters or conduct violations, students are encouraged to disclose such issues in a timely manner. Students may opt to issue on-line proxy access to their educational and financial records.