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YCPWeb For Parents

YCPWeb for Parents allows students to create a parent account for proxy access to important information that pertains to the student. Through the parent proxy account, parents can access information including warning grades, final grades, pay deposits, and view/pay eBills.

Account Creation

Students set up the account using the parent email address and a PIN. The student determines and authorizes what information is available to view by the parent.

  1. The student must create an account by entering the parent's email address. The student then authorizes the page that a parent can access. An email will be sent to the parent with further instructions to complete the setup of the parent proxy account.
  2. The parent, after receiving the email, will use the Initial Login URL and the one-time Action Password provided to establish their own PIN for subsequent logins to YCPWeb for Parents. After establishing a PIN, complete the parent profile data including phone number and permanent address.
  3. Please visit Overview of Parent Proxy for complete instructions.

*QUICK-TIP: After setting up the PIN, bookmark and use the YCPWeb for Parents URL for future logins.

Thank you for using YCPWeb for Parents!

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their educational records.

Parental rights of access to educational records depend on the student's financial status, either dependent or independent. If the adult student is financially independent, parents have no right of access without the student's consent.  It is the student's responsibility to clarify and document his/her financial status and acknowledge acceptance of the College's disclosure policy upon admission and to update such information through the YCPWeb for Parents Proxy Management link.

Warning grades and final grades will be available online and accessible to the parent via the YCPWeb for Parents portal after the student gives the appropriate electronic rights for parents to view the information.

Parents or legal guardians of financially dependent students will be notified by the Student Affairs Offices/College officials when their son or daughter has been responsible for a violation of the College's student code of conduct. Students and parents are encouraged to discuss these disciplinary matters to assist in the attainment of behavioral improvement.


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