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Spring on the York College campus


We’re proud of our students who serve(d) in the armed forces and we're here to give back in support of their pursuit of higher education.



Education Benefits

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  • Training Timetable

    Training Timetable

    The Veteran Training Timetable allows you to calculate your status as a student based on the number of weeks per term and the amount of semester hours you are enrolled.

  • New and Transfer Students

    New and Transfer Students

    Applying for VA Benefits

    1. Submit your application for York College to the Admissions Office
    2. Request an official military transcript from your service branch:
    3. Once you're accepted for admission to York, apply for financial aid by filling out the FAFSA
    4. Apply for VA Benefits through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs
    5. Register for classes through the Registrar's Office
    6. Submit the Certificate of Eligibility for VA Benefits (received from the Department of Veterans Affairs once you have been approved) and the Request for Certification to the Records Office
    7. Check your current Post-9/11 GI Bill® enrollment status on eBenefits

    GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

  • Returning Students

    Returning Students

    Recertification for VA Benefits

    1. Pay your deposit and register for classes
    2. Submit the Request for Certification to the Records Office
    3. Check your current Post-9/11 GI Bill® enrollment status on eBenefits

    *Request for Certification forms must be completed when you register for EVERY term you wish to claim benefits.

    • A veteran who is eligible for education benefits may enroll as a non-matriculated student for a maximum of two enrollment periods and still utilize those benefits.
    • Additional Information can be found on the GI Bill® website or by calling the VA directly at 1.888.442.4551.

    Any questions or concerns relative to veterans education benefits should be directed to:

    Kristi Viands, Director of Records
    Miller Administration Building, Room 31

    GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

Additional Information For Veteran Students at York

  • Ways of Achieving Alternative Academic Credit

    Veterans have the potential to earn credit through life experience, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and credit by exam through York College.

    Life Experience Credit

    Students wanting to pursue academic credit for previous life experiences must present a portfolio of experiences in writing to the Provost’s Office.  The portfolio will then be forwarded to the appropriate department(s) for review and evaluation.  A determination will be made as to whether the life experiences are equivalent to any active York College courses.

    Credit By Examination

    Students may earn course credit by successfully completing an examination that tests mastery of the learning outcomes of a given course. The Credit By Examination guidelines are as follows:

    • Only matriculated students at York College can take a Credit By Examination.
    • The exam may not be used to improve a grade in a course previously completed.  Students can not repeat a course by taking a Credit By Examination.
    • A student may not challenge any course required for graduation during the last semester of attendance.
    • A minimum grade of 2.0 is required in order for the student to receive credit and quality points on the official transcript.
    • The maximum number of credits which any student may earn by Credit By Examination is 30.

    Application for examination should be made in writing to the appropriate Department Chair on forms available in the Registrar’s Office and Academic Advising Office.  If the Department Chair approves the application, the Chair will designate the appropriate instructor who will prepare, administer and evaluate the examination that is not normally less than three hours in length.  Final approval is needed by the Director of Academic Advising. The student will need to pay the non refundable examination fee to the Business Office before taking the examination.

    College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

    Credit will be granted on CLEP examinations on the basis of the York College of Pennsylvania CLEP Equivalency report available at the Registrar’s Office. To obtain credit the student must score above 50 in each test and meet any other requirements specified on the Equivalency report or by the College. The following regulations apply:

    1. CLEP examinations may not be scheduled within the final 30-credit residency period.
    2. A course for which CLEP credit has been granted will be noted on the official transcript.
    3. The maximum number of credits that any one person may earn by advanced placement, CLEP and/or credit by examination is 60 for the baccalaureate degree and 30 for the associate’s degree.
    4. Students may not receive CLEP credit for a course that has already been taken at York College.
  • Military & Veterans Advocacy Committee

    The Military and Veterans Advocacy Committee (MVAC) will coordinate and facilitate support services for active military students and veterans attending York College through cooperation with various offices and services around campus.


    The MVAC will ensure that communications with active military students and veterans attending York College are maintained. The Military and Veterans Advocate will act as the primary facilitator of communications as well as coordinating MVAC goals. Goals will be determined by the MVAC based on the needs and concerns brought to the committee by students and employees.  Any questions, concerns, or ideas are welcome at

    Committee Members

  • Military Withdrawals

    Students called to active duty during a semester should present a copy of their military orders to the Vice President of Student Affairs, Joseph Merkle, in the Miller Administration Building, Room 131. If timing does not permit a student to complete the required forms and present his/her military orders prior to leaving campus, the student may withdraw by sending a personally signed written request for a military withdrawal. A copy of his/her military orders must accompany the request.

    Students granted a military withdrawal will receive a full refund of tuition and fees. Refunds of room-and-board charges will be prorated to the date of the withdrawal.

  • Off-Campus Resources

    Dream Makers Program for First-Time Homebuyers
    PenFed Foundation
    PO Box 1432
    Alexandria, VA 22313-2032

    Hometown Heroes Discount Card Program
    York Recorder of Deeds
    28 E Market St
    York, PA 17401

    York County Veterans Outreach
    Kevin Eck

    York VA Outpatient Clinic
    2251 Eastern Blvd
    York, PA 17402

    Network of Care for Service Members, Veterans and their Families
    Trilogy Integrated Resources LLC
    1101 Fifth Ave., Suite 250
    San Rafael, CA 94901

    York County Veteran Affairs Office
    28 E. Market Street
    York, PA 17401

  • SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society

    The Military and Veterans Advocacy Committee coordinates the York College SALUTE chapter as a way to formally recognize and honor the academic achievement of students who serve(d) in the military. The core values of the honor society are Service, Academics, Leadership, Unity, Tribute, and Excellence—the terms to which the SALUTE name refers. Each spring semester, candidates are identified per membership standards and contacted about applying; eligible individuals are then invited to participate in an induction ceremony. Check out the keynote speech of the 2016 ceremony below!

  • Student Veterans Lounge

    The Student Veterans Lounge is a space on campus specifically for our students who serve(d) in the military. It is located on the southeast corner and bottom level of Tyler Run Apartments III and features ID card-protected access, a lounge area with a TV and gaming equipment, a kitchen and private bathroom, storage lockers, and a meeting/study area with a printer and WiFi.

    A map showing where the veterans lounge is located.

  • Priority Registration

    Veterans receive priority registration and will be allowed to select classes on the first day of registration.  You must connect with our Records Office (Miller Administration Building, Ground Floor) during your first semester at York College to be sure you are on the priority registration list.  If you have questions about this process, please contact the Records Office at 717.815.1503. You will receive portal announcements each semester reminding you when registration opens for the next semester.    

  • Transfer Equivalencies

    Please explore our Transfer Resource Center (TRC) for questions about the transfer credit process.  Additionally, we have our Transfer Equivalencies available to see how your credits may transfer to York College. The Joint Service/Military transcript equivalencies are available under “M.” If you have questions about the TRC or equivalencies, please contact Katie Schwienteck at 717.815.1448 or  

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