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Spring on the York College campus

Faculty Resources

The Center for Academic Innovation and other units collaborate to offer a variety of resources for faculty, including innovation grants, workshops, webinars, guest speakers, books, faculty learning communities, writing boot camps, scholarship academies, and new faculty orientations.  We welcome your input and ideas to better support your teaching goals.

Explore our faculty resources

  • Guest Speakers


    The Center for Academic Innovation offers weekly webinars on topics such at teaching remotely, mentoring undergraduate research, and connecting with students during times of crisis. Click here for the schedule of webinars.

  • Teaching Consultations

    Teaching Consultations

    Faculty are invited to consult with a specialist in teaching, learning, and assessment to discuss instructional approaches. The Center for Academic Innovation also helps faculty learn what is working best for students by providing opportunities to collect feedback from students through focus groups or anonymouse surveys.

  • Scholarship Academy

    Scholarship Academy

    The Scholarship Academy provides faculty with support to develop scholarly projects. Faculty work with experienced colleagues and form partnerships that enhance productivity. The Scholarship Academy helps faculty to hone ideas, review literature, plan data collection, analyze findings, and write articles. Email for more details.

  • Faculty Mentoring

    Faculty Mentoring

    The Center for Academic Innovation connects new faculty with experienced faculty who introduce them to our campus. Through their mentors, new faculty will:

    • learn about YCP and the surrounding community
    • adjust to campus culture and become engaged members of the College
    • address questions, concerns, and special needs in a confidential manner
    • gain insight about teaching and career development 
    • network with other faculty to develop a personal support system 

Upcoming Events for Faculty

  • June

    2020 Camp Teach & Learn -- Teaching Remotely: What We Learned

    This year's Camp T&L will be held virtually June 30-July 1, featuring guest speaker Dr. Scott Warnock from Drexel University. Be sure to catch Dr. Scott Warnock's  Keynote Address on "Humanizing Remote Instruction" and workshops on teaching online. Warnock has served as president of the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators since 2018. 

    York College’s annual Camp Teach & Learn is co-sponsored by the Faculty Development Projects & Resources Committee and the Center for Academic Innovation. Camp T&L offers faculty the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in a series of workshops about teaching innovations and best practices.

    Session descriptions and Zoom links are in the attached program and details be found in the CAI Faculty Resources Course. Registration is not required, but we will appreciate knowing you plan to attend. Register here.  

  • July

    YCP Summer "Get It Done" -- Collaborative Working at Home--Together

    What?  Set aside each Thursday to show up in a virtual space to work on unfinished projects of any kind--teaching, research, writing, service, planning. You may also choose to participate in a lunch discussion and to enjoy a happy hour to connect with colleagues and share about life.

    Why?  If you are missing your colleagues--saying hello at the start or end of the workday, talking over lunch discussions, and working while knowing colleagues are also working can reduce isolation feelings.  If you want some focus and accountability--planning for the time can help with productivity; setting daily goals and listing tasks can help you attend to what is most important, checking in with colleagues can increase feelings of accomplishment.

    How?  Zoom, of course.  But we also have a website where you can log your goals and daily tasks.

    When? Thursdays starting at 10 a.m. (see schedule below) throughout most of the summer. The schedule is on the webpage (Links to an external site.)

    Who?  Faculty, staff, and administrators--anyone who wants to get things done.  We will all be working on different things, at the same time.  It will be like a virtual campus where we each work in a separate space on our own tasks but can check in with each other.

    Commitment?  Nope!  The schedule is modular, so come to any or all days and/or sessions...just the morning meeting, or just the happy hour, or even just a specific date--whatever would benefit you!

  • August

    Online/Blended Course Training – July 13-August 4 --Register Here   In this four-week course, we will discuss, demonstrate, analyze, and assess best practices in relation to the learner, instructor, technology, and content to improve blended/online learning. We highly recommended completing the Faculty Canvas 101 resource before taking the Blended and Online Learning (BOL) course, so you are familiar with Canvas before you begin. The total estimated time to complete BOL is 25-35 hours. Facilitated by the Instructional Design Team

    Weekly Sessions w/ the Instructional Design Team –

    Click here to join webinars and office hours with the  Instructional Design Team. New offerings each week. Send your questions and requests to

  • September

    Support for Scholarly Projects

    For some of us, the next few months at home could provide needed time to move forward on a scholarly project or two.  Would it help to charge your brain batteries to engage in some creative work? 

    Scholarship Partners Program --  Want a partner or two?  Missing some social interaction?  Need someone with skills that complement your own?  Sign up here to share what you can offer and/or what you are seeking--this is research "dating"!  Contact Dr. Perri Druen for more information. Sponsored by Center for Academic Innovation

    Scholarship Consultations --  Would an individual consultation help you get started or get you back on track?  Reach out to Dr. Perri Druen at .  She is ready to bounce around ideas if you’re looking for a new project; help you think of ways to pivot if the pandemic derailed your research, pin down some analytical strategies for data you already have, trouble-shoot thorny design issues, give feedback on IRB applications, or talk through personal barriers—or help you find someone who can add what you need.

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