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Spring on the York College campus

LTS Technology FAQ

  • IT Checklist for New Students

    Please visit our IT Checklist for New Students. The checklist will help you in preparing to move to campus and once you're here.

    Learning about your new accounts and preparing your computer before moving on campus will result in a smooth transition onto the network and into campus life.

  • When will I receive my username and password?

    After you have been accepted to York College and paid your deposit, you will receive an ID number that begins with "90#" along with a PIN in the mail. This will allow you to access YCPweb (

    Once you have paid your deposit, you will receive your YCP username and password from LTS which will allow you to access MyYCP portal ( This username will also be your email address (

    Once you have received your YCP username and password, please visit New Student Welcome, the LTS Help Desk’s Knowledge Base.  This convenient, self-service resource is provided to answer your technology-related questions.

  • What is the difference between YCP Web and MyYCP?

    YCP Web: The 90# number and PIN you receive, before you are assigned a username and password, allows you to access YCP Web  ( Here you can see and accept financial aid, make payments on your account, and see your unofficial transcript and grades. If you encounter any problems entering your 90# number or PIN, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 717.815.1559.

    MyYCP: The username and password you receive from the Library and Technology Services department (after you have paid your deposit) allows you to access the MyYCP portal ( for single sign-on to applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, Moodle, YCP Web, etc. You will also have access to campus announcements for different academic and extracurricular events happening around campus. 

  • I just got into MyYCP. Now what do I do?

    The LTS Help Desk has assembled a group of articles to assist you with bringing devices to campus, accessing discounts such as free Office 365, providing information on your network account, and a variety of additional information regarding technology on campus.

    Visit our Great Start for New Students page.

    Don’t forget to change your password! On the main MyYCP page, click the green Change Me icon in the set of icons at upper left.  You will need to then set up security questions and a new password to something different than the one you received in the mail. Make sure you enter an alternate email and mobile phone number. Once you have changed your password, log out and shut the browser. Visit MyYCP again and make sure you can log in without any problems. If your new password does not work, please call the LTS Help Desk at 717.815.1559.

  • I’m a new employee at YCP. What do I need from IT?

    Once you have completed all your HR Paperwork a network account will be generated within 24-48 hours. Then your YCP username and password, you can access the MyYCP portal and applications such as your Gmail, Google docs, Moodle, etc.

    Once you have received your YCP username and password, you can access ITKB (New Employee Welcome), the IT Help Desk’s Knowledge Base.  This convenient, self-service resource is provided to answer your technology-related questions.

  • Are there any requirements I should consider when purchasing a new computer?

    For the latest system requirements (buying assistance) and for suggestions please refer to our knowledge base.

    Please also visit our YCP Technology Discounts and register for FREE Office 365.

  • What are the requirements to connect to the YCP wi-fi?

    To connect to the YCP network, make sure to check out our ITKB article “Bring a Personal Device to Campus”.

    Here are three quick reminders!

    • Change your password – If you have not changed your password from what was issued to you by Information Technology, you will need to do so before you can access the network. For more information on visit changing your password.
    • Complete Updates - Before connecting to the York College network, be sure your operating system is up-to-date. System updates must be completed in order to pass our computer scan to allow connecting to the network.
    • Prepare for a Wired Connection - Additionally, IT suggests students residing on-campus bring a Cat 6 network cable in order to connect by wire to the York College network. Most students connect using the wireless network; however, having the "wired" connection as a backup is recommended for those living on campus.
  • What type of network storage system is available on campus? What is an "H:" drive?

    Students and Faculty all have access to Google Drive cloud-based storage and shared space on the YCP network H: drive available from the MyYCP portal.

Contact Us
Library and Technology Services
Schmidt Library

Phone: 717.815.1559

Library & LTS Help Desk Hours

Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Sunday 2 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Note: Hours during college breaks and finals are subject to change. Please refer to the library website for exceptions to the normal schedule.

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