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Spring on the York College campus

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    Moodle 2018 Upgrade

    Have you heard Moodle will be upgraded this summer? IDT will be publishing a lot of information for you from now until upgrade to make the transition to our upgraded Moodle smooth and easy for you. Please return to this site often! We'll be publishing a lot of information here between now and July.


    Interested in learning more about the new Moodle before the upgrade? All summer faculty have been set up with a "Sandbox course" so they can get comfortable with the new Moodle prior to its launch in July. If you are not a summer instructor, or if you are but want us to copy over one of your current classes so you can see what it will look like in the new Moodle, please contact us to make your request. 

    If you have been working on your Sandbox course and have comments or questions, please give us your feedback.

    Videos and Reference Guides

    Please check out our ilos playlist for videos about the new "face" of Moodle! Concerned about what has changed and what remains the same between the current and new version? Check out our Moodle Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for a short introduction to the changes.


    You have questions, we have answers. Please send us any general questions or comments you have, and IDT will do our best to publish answers here or in the Moodle Sandbox Guide.


  • Upgrade Schedule

    Summer 2018 Upgrade Schedule

    Here's a schedule of what is happening when at YCP this summer, and how the planned Moodle maintenance outage and upgrade fit into that schedule. IDT has tried to select times that minimize disruption of summer courses as much as possible, and scheduled planned outages on Saturdays due to the lower Moodle usage on Saturdays. 



    May 14

    Spring semester grades due

    May 15-June 1


    May 19

    STEP 1: Maintenance outage prior to upgrade.
    Expected downtime: 8 hours.

    June 5

    Mini-Mester grades due

    May 15-Aug 9

    Special Session

    June 4-Aug 9

    Summer Online

    June 5-July 5

    Summer I

    July 10

    Summer I grades due

    July 9-Aug 9

    Summer II

    July 14

    STEP 2: Upgrade Moodle. Expected downtime: 4 hours.

    Aug 14

    Summer II and Special Session grades due

  • Ask IDT


    You have questions, we have answers. Please send us any general questions or comments you have, and IDT will do our best to publish answers here or in the Moodle Sandbox Guide.

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