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J.D. Brown Center helps entrepreneur grow his new venture, Kleancierge

Vince Moley Kleancierge at JD Brown Center
The J.D. Brown Center has been a great connection for Vince Moley throughout his career, first at Dataforma and now with Kleancierge.

Technology has made it easier to connect services and consumers. From a taxi to groceries, a few taps on your phone and you can have what you need brought to you.

Thanks to Vince Moley and his new venture, Kleancierge, when your car is dirty, a detailer is yet another person who helps you get done what you need, without leaving home or work.

And the development of Kleancierge – along with a host of other businesses – was made easier through the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship at York College of Pennsylvania. It may not be as simple as swiping on an app, but the center puts numerous resources in one place and helps entrepreneurs make connections more easily.

“The J.D. Brown Center is really a great conduit to take someone that’s starting a business and give them access to York College resources without having to actually build those relationships yourself,” Vince says. “I think that’s the primary benefit.”

All about the connections

Life is a series of little connections.

If not for a knee injury interrupting Vince’s career as a Clarion University basketball player, the York County native might not have refocused on his education and developed a love for technology.

If not for a chance meet up with an old friend a couple of years after college, and that friend mentioning a job opening at the startup he worked for, Vince might not have taken a job with Dataforma.

“He said, ‘If you know anybody who’s a software engineer, send them my way,’” Vince says. “And I said, ‘Well Scott, that’s what I do.’”

And if not for that job at Dataforma – where he helped build the software development team for a company that has grown to include more than 400 contractors across North America – Vince might have never connected with the J.D. Brown Center.

While working at Dataforma, Vince has connected with YCP students for the past seven years, coordinating an internship program through the J.D. Brown Center. For the spring 2018 semester, he’s offering four interns the opportunity to work on a project for his new venture, Kleancierge.

Making chores easier

Kleancierge was a product of Vince’s busy schedule. As he moved more into the management side of work with Dataforma, he continued to work on small projects based on his own or others’ ideas.

One day, his own idea was to help with a chore he dreaded.

“I’m typically up pretty early, working hard all day, and at the end of day the last thing I want to do is anything I don’t want to,” Vince says. “My car was consistently dirty. I’m not a cluttered type person, but the outside and the inside just needed cleaned once in a while. It just blew my mind that as easy as it is to order a taxi now with Uber, that there wasn’t something where you could order a cleaning through an app, have someone come to you and clean your car.”

Vince made another connection – this time with a Lancaster businessman who sells detailing products. Vince was able to learn about the hands-on side of detailing and the dealer was able to open up his network of detailers to use the Kleancierge mobile app.

Boosting growth all around

The J.D. Brown Center has been a great connection for Vince throughout his career, first at Dataforma and now with Kleancierge.

“You have the professional faculty with their experience and you have the students who are very hungry and eager to learn,” he says.

His spring 2018 interns will have office space in the center and work together to accomplish their project for Kleancierge. Being able to work with students and faculty has been a huge help for Vince as he learns and develops his business, but he’s also charged up about having the opportunity to help others learn.

“The students are super excited, as well, which is great,” he says. “There’s nothing better than somebody that’s smart and coachable that’s really excited to learn and take their experience to the next level.”

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